Christina and Clayton

Image 1 of Christina and Clayton

It was just a regular Wednesday, so I thought… My girlfriend wanted to go out for dinner at our favorite restaurant, as I was getting ready she texted me and said: “make sure you look nice, I want to take pictures of us”. I didn’t think anything of it at that time. Clayton was acting really nervous for a couple of days, I do have to say that I had a feeling something was up, but couldn’t figure it out. During dinner, my girlfriend kept giggling and couldn’t compose herself. hahaha. I just thought she had a little to much wine. After dinner, she asked if she can come inside my place. I open the door to my place and I immediately see Clayton… when I walked in, I see my whole family and his with their phones out… recording and taking pictures. LOL.

He held my hand and began to cry.. Gets down on one knee and then I begin to hysterically cry. I will never forget the words he said to me: “Remember when I told you that meeting you was the best day of my life? Well this moment right here is the best day of my life… me asking you to be my wife. Christina,will you marry me?” My knees got weak and I found myself kneeling down with him, frozen in time, never wanting that moment to end.

Image 2 of Christina and Clayton