Christina and Christopher

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How We Met

I met Chris in 2011 at the Cheesecake factory. He was a server and I was a host. Few months after I started, a bunch of us went out to a bar and Chris and I started talking. Playfully he asked for my number and I told him that I do not date people I work with. His response… I am quitting in a few days! He took my phone and put his number in my phone. We text and spoke on the phone for the next couple weeks. Chris finally took me on a first date to a Jets and Giants game! My first game ever and it was the best time I have had on a date. A few more dates later he asked if I would be his girlfriend and I said yes. As time went on we genuinely fell in love with each other for 1000 reasons, one being we became best friends and loved to be around each other doing any and everything! As time goes on our love grows stronger and stronger.

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how they asked

A year or two before Chris proposed there was nothing more I wanted than to be engaged! I had dreams that felt so real and when I would wake up, I didn’t want to believe it was just a dream. I would wonder and daydream how it would be, the ring, where, what he would say. As I thought about these things, tears would come to my eyes. After some time I had lost hope that he was going to do it anytime soon, so I put it out of my head. Then to my surprise…bam! December 24th, 5 years from our first date, my family and I were leaving from church. I got a call from Chris who said he was on his way to my house but ran out of gas at an overlook in a mountain by my house. I ran with my sister to a gas station, filled the gas tank and drove 20 minutes to him. As I got out of the car he walked towards me and followed me to the back seat where the tank was. I noticed lights on the floor near his car and asked him what it was. He said, he lied, he had gas but had some things to tell me. I walked down an aisle of candles to a sign that read, MARRY ME. Under it more candles in a shape of a heart. My family came out of hiding and cheered in excitement. Chris told me how much I meant to him and other beautiful things, that I couldn’t remember because of the shock! But all I needed to hear was I love you more than anything, will you marry me. And without question I said yes while jumping up down filled with tears! I could not stop crying. I was and still am so unbelievably happy. This time I didn’t have to wake up, it wasn’t a dream but every moment felt like it…perfect perfect!

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