Christina and Carl

How We Met

Carl was my first crush in middle school, the first boy I ever thought was cute, the first boy who kissed me. He had a Birthday party in his backyard and we had to be at least 13 or 14. I remember getting in so much trouble that night because my mother had no idea I was at a boys house. After middle school we went our separate ways and grew up. The entire time always keeping touch. I remember receiving a, “Merry Christmas” text message or a “Happy Birthday” text message and my heart would melt to pieces. After almost 10 years when we finally “grew up” we began to date. That was the best summer of my life. August 15, 2010 Carl brought me a “Pink Berry ice cream”. Under the cup I find it says, “Will you be my girlfriend?” That’s when the magic began.

how they asked

July, 20th is Carl’s Birthday. Every year we go out to dinner together to celebrate my amazing man. The following day we planned to go out again with his family. We always go to a restaurant named, “Gargiulo’s”. This restaurant is Carl’s Grandfathers favorite place to go for family gatherings. Carl told me to be at his house by about 8:15pm. Naturally I begin to get ready for a dinner with his family. While driving to his house he sends me a message saying, “park the car and come in, I’m not ready yet” (Of course I rolled my eyes because his family is never ready on time!) As I arrive to his house I see his Grandpa sitting outside alone. “Grandpa what are you doing sitting outside alone?” He tells me to go inside. As I’m about to open the door, my boyfriend looking ever so handsome (and ready for dinner) peaks out at greets me. I notice the lights are out and some rose petals on the ground. As my heart is beginning to pound in my chest Carl pulls me inside and tells me he has a question to ask me.

He opens the door wider and the first thing that I see is a row of rose petals and candles leading to a giant flower wall that reads, ‘”Will You Marry Me?” My bag slips from underneath my arm, my heart races a mile per minute, I notice my family along with Carl’s are all in the living room and then BOOM, I TRIPPED. Of course my gentleman catches me and says, “I’ve been waiting to ask you this since the 7th grade, Will You Marry Me?” Everyone starts to cheer and cry. I felt a love and happiness I never knew could be felt. The image of my fiance getting down on his knee for me will forever be engraved in my memory. It gets better..

Image 1 of Christina and Carl

You wonder who made the flower wall? My fiance did. While I was at the beach all day he and his very loving brother constructed this amazing flower wall. It gets even better .. My fiance recorded himself asking my father to have my hand in marriage so that even I can hear it. My fiance is the most selfless man that I have ever met. He is loving, handsome, humble and has a heart made of pure gold. He asked me to be his wife on a day we where supposed to be celebrating him! To my Fiance: You have made me the most happiest woman. You truly gave me the most perfect proposal. I could not have even imagined a more magical day, even in my wildest dream. We have been through so much together and we now can spend a lifetime together. I am so excited to start this amazing journey together and I promise I will forever make you as happy as you make me. I LOVE YOU! TIBI IN OMNE TEMPUS BABY!!

Image 2 of Christina and Carl