Christina and Brian

How We Met

We both swiped Right on Tinder! I knew I would go on a 2nd date with Brian when he answered the “what are you looking for” question that no other guy I met did. He said was he was looking for a girlfriend, a serious relationship, & a partner for adventures. Brian knew he would go on a 2nd date with me when I didn’t look at him like a crazy person when he asked me “what would I do if there was a zombie apocalypse”? I said I could be his adventure partner and kick some zombie asses with him.

Christina's Proposal in At The Huntington Library

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At The Huntington Library

how they asked

He proposed to me in front of family and close friends in between the rose bushes at the Huntington Library!

This place is special because four months into our relationship, Brian and I went on a date to @thehuntingtonlibrary & while walking through the American Art gallery, he called me Mrs. Christina Holt. I called him crazy and he said we’ll see about that.

Here we are 2 1/2 years later… Engaged! We can’t wait for the adventures to begin!