Christina and Benjamin

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How We Met

Benjamin and I met through mutual friends at church but remained acquaintances for quite a while before even really talking to one another. In January of 2016, we signed up for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class with 6-7 other friends, which put us in closer proximity and gave us something to talk about! I invited the whole group over to my apartment to hang out and “do homework” (which didn’t happen) , and that was the first time I realized how funny and easygoing Ben was. I was hooked! A couple weeks later, some of that group went out for the night. Ben and I wrangled seats next to each other and ended up holding hands as he comforted me through a panic attack. When it was time to leave, we ended up talking in my car for almost 3 hours, including the “what are we?” talk, in which we concluded that we liked each other and wanted to spend more time together. Our first date was a week later (pictured), and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

On a typical Tuesday night, I was listening to the radio on my way home from work, and they were giving away tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra a couple days later. I had always wanted to see them, so I decided to try to win the tickets… and I did! Benjamin got off work a couple hours before I did, so it was normal for him to be at my apartment when I got off work. We had “planned” for a night of leftovers and Netflix, so winning tickets on the radio was clearly the high point of the evening! I texted Ben to turn on the radio so we could both experience my on-air awkwardness, and he quickly responded that he didn’t have a radio (and clearly did not want to figure it out). As I thought this was the highlight of the evening, I didn’t respond and was going to share my big news when I got home. I opened the apartment door and flipped on the light switch, but rather than the single lamp coming on, it was hundreds of Christmas lights, strung wall to wall! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and when I asked what was going on, Ben responded “I decorated!” from the other room, so I just thought he was doing something sweet for the holidays. While I was putting my stuff down, I realized that Ben wouldn’t come out of my room. I asked what he was doing and walked around the corner to see that my entire bedroom was also covered in Christmas lights! This raised my suspicions a bit more, and I asked what he had decorated for. With a smile, he said, “I decorated for the special occasion!” Still confused, I asked what the special occasion was, and then I saw him turn towards the bookshelf to pick something up and then get down on his knee. He opened the ring box and simply said, “Will you marry me?” and I was speechless! All I could do was look at him, smile, look around my room, laugh, look back at him, etc. When I didn’t respond after a few moments, Ben motioned with the ring and said, “…do you want it?” I still couldn’t find words—all I could do was nod!

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Special Thanks

Cassandra Roos
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring