Christina and Andy


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My fiance Andy is a Sergeant on our city’s police force so May 12, 2015 we went down to Washington DC for police memorial week. As we are walking to a local bar we wanted to stop and take some pictures. A friend of ours mentioned the Washington Monument would be a great backdrop for a picture so we rushed across the street to take pictures. The couple we were with went first and then Andy and I. Andy handed his phone to our friend and wanted her to capture the picture. So she thought. As we were standing waiting to take a picture she is asking why the phone is on record. Her husband said to just record. I thought nothing of it.

So as I am standing there smiling waiting for the picture I feel Andy rub my back and start talking to me. I still have no idea what he said. As he got on one knee I couldn’t believe it.


I pulled away in awe! Then the tears! Of course I said yes! The fact that he asked me at a time he is there honoring the fallen officers is so special to me. I will forever have his back and support him in his job. Andy and I have 2 beautiful daughters. Him and I have been together since 2009 and even went to church together when we were kids. This is my soul mate and wouldn’t have it any other way. I can not wait to marry him June 24, 2017!


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