Christina and Andrew

How We Met: Going into High school you don’t expect to meet your soul mate, but that is where it all started for us. It’s the first day of high school, walking into FTHS knowing very little people, hoping to make a few friends. Fast forward a few months in 9th grade math class and this cute boy with the most amazing blue eyes got assigned to sit next to me. (Ya know the quiet little girl and the I don’t like to pay attention boy would be a good match for any teachers seating chart) Well that teacher thought wrong.

We began talking everyday in class, for hours after school on AIM (we were obviously really cool) and seeing this boy became my favorite part of the day. This continued until the end of the year on June 1,2006, when he finally found the courage when changing classes in the hallway to ask me to be his girlfriend.

Here we are almost 9 years later and still head over heals in love with each other. Growing up with eachother through the rest of highschool, our college years, now finding our careers, mine as a an elementary school teacher and him being an amazing executive chef, and going through this roller coaster we call life, it seems like everything has finally fallen into place.

how they asked: I knew something was up. Andrew has been acting super strange, leaving the room to make phone calls, and texting non stop all week. Everyday seemed like the longest day ever. Finally Thursday, May 15, 2015, I get home from work and was told I was being taken to one of the most amazing restaurants in New Jersey and to get ready. I was beyond excited! I thought to myself “this is it, I’m getting engaged today!” But who would have thought it would happen the way it did.

We drive an hour and a half to North Jersey as I eagerly wait to see what this supposedly amazing restaurant is. We pull up to this beaten down Spanish restaurant. (I hate spicy food.) The excitement in my face dropped. We walk into this empty, smelly restaurant, and I’m thinking “this can’t be real”. I go to the bathroom and he tells me he’ll get our table.

After the bathroom I find him outside and he tells me to follow him around back. Keep in mind I’m already freaked out. We walk around and I spot a giant wicker basket….and then it clicked. I started jumping up and down screaming ” Oh My God are we going in a hot air balloon?!”

Image 3 of Christina and AndrewI knew what was coming today but I was so surprised by the way it was going to happen! Now we’re 4,000 feet up in the air and Andrew’s getting down on one knee asking me to be his wife.

Image 1 of Christina and Andrew

I cannot have dreamt up a better way to be asked to be Mrs. Robbins.

Image 2 of Christina and Andrew