Christina and Amit

How We Met

Amit and I met randomly at a New Year’s Eve party in New York City. He had just moved to the city 6 months before and was out celebrating with friends. I was still in college at the time but visiting my Aunt who took me to the same party. Somehow Amit and I caught each other’s eye on the crowded dance floor and ended up dancing and talking until it was time to go. We exchanged numbers before leaving and ended up keeping in touch for several months. Although we didn’t live near each other, we both felt a strong enough connection to keep talking until Amit took a leap of faith and booked a flight to visit me at FSU about 2 months after we met.

After a long weekend together we knew we had something real and lucked out when I landed a 10-week internship in NYC that summer. After spending a magical NYC summer together, I eventually had to head back to school but Amit booked another flight to Tallahassee in October for a weekend of college football which was when we finally decided to make things official! When I graduated that December, I moved to New York just a couple of weeks later and the rest is history. Now a little over four years later we are engaged and can’t wait to get married later this year!

How They Asked

Amit and I have been traveling together for years so when we started planning our latest vacation—a 2-week trip to Thailand in November 2018—he decided it was the perfect place to propose and started shopping for a ring. I knew a proposal was coming soon but didn’t think he would do it so far away from home so I was surprised when he proposed just a few days into what was one of our most exciting and adventurous vacations yet! Since we love to hike, we decided to book a full day tour of Doi Inthanon, a mountain and national park outside Chiang Mai. Our tour included an early morning hike to a viewpoint that is literally up above the clouds. Little did I know, Amit had told our tour guide ahead of time that he planned to propose at the viewpoint so that she would be prepared to take photos of the moment.

When we got to the viewpoint, we handed over our phones and cameras to our guide and her husband (our driver) so they could take a few pictures. As we were posing, Amit turned to me with a teary look in his eye and started talking about our last four years together. I knew instantly that he was about to propose and was stunned but also ecstatic! Of course, I said yes immediately as he fumbled to get his proposal speech out and pull the ring out of his pocket. Where he proposed had never been important to me so he really outdid himself by proposing above the clouds at one of the most beautiful viewpoints we’ve ever seen.

The best part was we still had 10 days of vacation left to celebrate our engagement! We’re now just 6 months away from our wedding this coming October where we will celebrate with our friends and family with a 2-day multicultural wedding honoring our family’s Hindu and Christian traditions. I’m so thankful the man of my dreams gave me the proposal of my dreams and we will soon be throwing the wedding of our dreams!

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