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How We Met

Alden and I met At Wilkes University the first few weeks of college freshmen year. We had an FYE class together. And anyone who knows me knows I am late for everything. And of course it was no different for college classes We had the class in the early afternoon and it was my first class of that day so naturally I slept until the very last minute possible. And after 2 or 3 classes I really started to notice this boy who seemed to always be the exact minute late as I was but just a few steps behind. So when I was walking with my friend that I had met in that class one day I had said to her I really can’t figure out if that boy is attractive or awkward. Because when I say he was always RIGHT behind us on on our way to class I mean he was ALWAYS right there like clock work and trust me I was not the same amount of late any of those classes so he had to be waiting for me to leave. So one day I was looking up the class list and trying to find all the guys names that could be his and look them up on Facebook (besides the foreign ones because clearly by the looks of him he was not. He was just a 6’4 tall dark hair, brown eyed boy.

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Then I just let it go for a day or so and I saw him again at the gym and he had these pink sneakers on and was at basketball practice so I thought to myself I guess he can’t be that awkward then if he plays basketball and right then and there I made up my mind this boy was going to be mine. And the strangest part of that is I don’t really like pink so you would have thought I would have just shook the whole thing off but nope I was determined to find out what this boy was. So after I exhausted all names that could possibly be his, in my mind and saw those pink sneakers I then turned to one of my friends that lived on the 2nd floor of Evans hall with me and asked if he knew who that boy with the pink sneakers on the basketball team was. He had no clue but it just so happened that his roommate was on the basketball team as well and when we were talking to him I had said who is that boy with the pink sneakers and he was half asleep but I didn’t care I was determined for answers. And he said who Alden? And I said who???? And He once again said Alden???? And I am still saying who??? And he said once again but with the last name ALDEN WHAH?????? and I’m then in shock so confused to Alden Whah??? Of course that was for sure NOT one of the name I had looked up on Facebook because I had excluded “all of the foreign ones”. So I had then said ok well get the boy with the pink sneakers to talk to me and he said okay I’ll see what I can do. So then the next day when I got back from class there was a sticky note under my door.

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And it read ” I have bad news and I have good news”. So I went and found him and he said “Bad news is that Alden has a girlfriend and the good news is, he is OBSESSED WITH YOU”. And I was like OH! This is so strange? So then he had Alden text me and I found out he was only dating this girl for about 3 weeks or so and Alden wasn’t really ever much of a ‘texter’ until I came along…But the most ironic part of all was that Alden actually knew who I was the whole entire time even where I went to High School and it turned out our home towns were actually only 20 minutes away! So that tall, brown eyed boy that I decided I would make mine was right there the whole time. Since October 2013 we haven’t spent a day apart, we actually got our first apartment together in fall of 2014, and just purchased our first Home together (with the help of my heaven sent parents) this past summer. My mom always says ” Do you even remember your life without her” and he always laughs and says “no I couldn’t ever even want to, she’s my best friend”. So here we are 4 years later, and our whole lives to go! He graduated from Wilkes with a Bachelors degree in business and I have an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. And while we were figuring out what we want to do with our lives in this crazy world we’re figuring it all out together, we both work full time in sales at Motor World in Wilkes Barre, PA. I work in Honda and he works 20ft away in Lexus! When we first started dating Alden asked me “can I take your last name one day” and we always joked about it. But he was completely serious. Because he going to take my last name, instead of me taking his!

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how they asked

Alden chose the most perfect place, a place that is so special in all of our hearts. The Saint Pauline Center. My Dad had always joked that many men buy the church for their wife that they got married in. And my Dad did exactly that, he bought the church for my mom because that’s where they got married! Which was eventually bought by the center because all intentions were for this and it always in Saint Pauline’s name not my parents because of its sole purpose of the foundation. The former church was closed for 8 years and before my Grandma had gotten sick my Grandpapa said that this would be a great home for Saint Pauline. When my Grandma died we didn’t get the miracle we had all wanted but had her 6 weeks more than the doctors expected. So when she died my family wanted to turn something bad into something good. The foundation is approaching 15 years and has supporters in every state! Sometimes the center is referred to as the “Miracle on Chestnut Street”. The Saint Pauline Center is designed for people of all faiths and beliefs, a place to come and pray and view relics of Saint Pauline.

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Alden asked my Mom, my Dad, and of course my Grandpap because he knows he is also another parent to me being that he had raised as well! (my mom told me this later on) She also joked about how nervous he was and she was loving the thought that they could all still make him this nervous after all this time! So to the proposal! Alden told me that there was a Saint Pauline fundraiser and my mom and everyone else kept the act up just as he did so of course all my plans were to come home for the event! So I went to go get my nails done like I do for every event! So earlier that week I asked my two managers if I could have off Saturday because there was a a charity event I needed to attend and without any hesitation they both said sure! At first I didn’t really think anything of it I just thought they were being nice because I didn’t take any vacation time during the summer. I had said to my mom how thoughtful that was of them! So I went to get my nails done and an outfit the morning of 8.19.17 and of course I’m never on time for anything so I was running late and I called Alden and he said he got the weekends mixed up so we were just going out to dinner with my brother and his Fiancé everyone already knew that I would be running late anyway.

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So when I got home no one was there (the Saint Pauline Center is right down the street from my parents house) and I asked him where Kristin and Christian were? And he said Kristin isn’t coming it was only Christian. So by this time I knew for sure what was happening. Not to mention he was SO WEIRD ALL WEEK. So I get in the house and he begs me to put on this blind fold and I just started laughing and said fine. So he walks me outside and the first thing I hear besides the cars flying by is my brothers drone and there was no question in my mind I knew exactly what was happening. So then he picked me up as we were crossing the street which was the sweetest gesture! Then we finally got to the church he took the blind fold off my mom and my best friend Bridget were standing there and on the side my Dad was there w Bentley and Alden and I’s dog Maserati and of course my brother flying the drone!

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Then Alden got done on one knee and kissed my hand and said “Will you please please please Marry me C!” as his hands were so sweaty as he grabbed mine, mine slid right through his! And I said “Lemme see it boy” and then we both started laughing because my mom yells “CHRISTINA”. And I said I yes, we all know I’m only kidding!!! We had time to take a few pictures and not even 5 minutes later it started to completely downpour rain! I think the best part of it all is that everyone knows how much of a control freak I am, so of course I knew this proposal was coming but for once in my life I thought to myself “He gotta know me by now as we’re working on year 5?” And I also for sure knew he would get help by the right people and honestly I couldn’t have felt more proud of him, he actually blew out all of my expectations! So now, this is only the beginning of our life together!!!

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 | She's my bestfriend, so she helped Alden set everything up along with the rest of my fam!