Christina and Aitor

Image 1 of Christina and AitorHow we met: We lived in the same area and knew the same people and I attended the gym he owned at the time. We never spoke much until one day he found me on a social media website years later.We spoke for days and he asked if he could take me out. After our first date we became inseparable. Two days later we were driving up to cape Canaveral to watch the last shuttle launch and within a month we started living together.

how they asked: We both fell in love with the city of St Augustine in Florida. So we visit a few times a year for mini vacations. He told me he wanted to go up to visit St Augustine before Christmas so we could see the lights and decorations. I was so excited! We stayed at our favorite hotel and walked the town. On our second day he said he scheduled a private ghost tour for us at 5:45 that night, ( I love ghost tours) I was so excited! We headed over to where the ghost tours pick you up at 5:40 and at 6:00 they still werent there, Aitor was on the phone and said they were going to be late so we could walk around and go look at the christmas tree. The lights just turned on and the whole park was beautiful. He went up into the gazibo that over looked the christmas tree and said come up here the view of the tree is great! So I did and the next thing you know he was down on his knee in front of the christmas tree and a photographer that he hired that was hiding caught everything. I said yes and was crying, it was the best day of my life, I am so happy to marry this man!

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Photos by Scott Smith