Christina and Adam

How We Met

He was one of the first people I was introduced to, and ended up being my direct supervisor. The more we talked, the more we realized that we had a lot in common and he eventually we started to see each other outside of work, as friends. He told me day after day how he felt about me but I denied my feelings for fear of not only one of us being hurt but also because I had a five year old son to think about. It wasn’t until he lost his grandmother that I recognized and admitted how I felt. He had been absent from work for a couple of days for the funeral and I realized he was all I could think about. On the day he got home from up north I asked to see him but he didn’t get home until late. I had to work the next day but I didn’t care. I drove half an hour to his house with a sleeping child in the back of the car and brought him back to my place where we cuddled and talked until 4 in the morning when I finally took him back home. As I was driving back I realized that I would have done absolutely anything to see him smile and help him forget about how much he hurt. I just started crying because I knew, in that moment, that there was no more denying… I had fallen for him and in the best way possible.

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how they asked

He told me that I needed to leave work early for the roofing company we hired to show us samples so we could choose. When I got home from work he wasn’t there so I waited patiently and when he finally arrived he surprised me by blindfolding me and telling me that we were going to pick up our son and head over somewhere but I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions. The entire ride there my heart was racing and I had the kind of butterflies you get during your first kiss. He took a lot of unusual turns and even drove around in a parking lot for awhile to detour me so that I wouldn’t have a sense of where we were headed. When we arrived he led me down a path and when we stopped he removed my blindfold. We were in the exact spot of where we had our first date (my son was there as well… he took us both fishing and taught him how to fish!). He knelt on one knee and told me that he never imagined that I would give him the time of day and how he never believed he could even feel this way. He said that it was that day that he realized how he felt about me and that he would eventually bring me back here to propose. My son took pictures of the entire proposal and although it was nothing extreme, it meant a lot to all three of us and I will always remember how genuine and romantic it was. My son was almost more excited than I was!

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