Christin and Alec

How We Met

Alec and I (Christin) met in Providence, RI. We both attended Johnson and Wales University. We were both in the Culinary Arts program when I met him. I am one year older than him, but I ended up failing one of my classes. (So embarrassing, but I’m so happy I failed that course, otherwise I never would have met him. My mom is no longer mad at me for failing my course haha!) Neither of us was in the position to date at that time, but we remained friends. We always checked in on each other during the summer and chatted a few times here and for the rest of college. When we said goodbye (the year I graduated in 2014) I never thought I was going to see him again.

I knew he lived in NJ as well, but I never really thought we would meet up again. After college, we always kept in touch and touched base with each other on life. After New Years of 2016, we finally decided to pick up where we left off. (The photo I attached is the first photo we ever took together. This is the night we met for the first time after college!) We made plans to go out and ever since then we have been together. Two years ago we bought a townhome and got a dog. In the back of my head I always knew he was one of the best guys out there, but never in a million years would I think he would be mine. (It was one of those wishful thoughts that eventually became a reality)

Christin's Proposal in Newport, Rhode Island - Cliff Walk

How They Asked

Our anniversary is Feb 15th, 2016. Each Valentines Day weekend we go back up to Providence and stay for the weekend. This year we decided to stay in providence and then stay in Newport for our last night. We talked about doing the cliff walk because it’s beautiful and something we haven’t done together yet. I did the cliff walk with my parents back during college and it was really fun, so I thought this was going to be even more fun since it was his first time.

Christin and Alec's Engagement in Newport, Rhode Island - Cliff Walk

We decided to do the cliff walk on February 16th. I told Alec that I wanted him to take my photo by this one rock. I had no idea what was about to happen, I threw m phone at him and was like “take my picture by this rock!” I then realized he was talking to me and said “You make me so happy, you know what would make me even happier?” and I said “What?!” (Still running to my rock that I wanted my photo on) and he said “If you spent forever with me” and when I turned around he was on his knee. I completely blacked out for a good minute. HAHA! It took me a while to talk. I just cried and I thought I was going to pass out, roll off the cliff and die. Then his sister, my parents, and his parents and our dog came out of the cave next to us recording and taking photos. I had no idea what just happened and what was going on still. I was in complete shock and I couldn’t stop crying. Eventually, I said yes! I felt bad because when I look back at the video Alec was on his knee for like 3 mins because I couldn’t talk haha!

That night our families celebrated and went out to dinner at The Vanderbilt. So funny story – Alec had the ring in his pocket before the trip and I wore his coat (literally the only time I ever decided to put his coat on) and I was walking around the neighborhood with the ring in my pocket not even realizing it! I came back home and he was freaking out on me and I said “OK RELAX PRIMA DONNA” and now I finally know why he was freaking out haha!

Special Thanks

Dean Michaels Studio
 | Photographer
Our Parents
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