Christie and Mike

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When we first met we took his friends boat over to Fire Island (off Long Island Ny) and went to this bar called the Casino Bar. It was late and I went to the bar to get water and he swooped in next to me and offered to buy me a drink. I said I’ll have coffee. He ordered a jack on the rocks. When he drove me home that night “River Bank” by brad paisley came on and I love country music. We discovered we shared that love and sang the whole way home. Almost three years later to the date my sister invited us to brunch at Casino bar with her friends and we decided to go. When we got to the restaurant we were the only ones there! The hostess took us to a table on the deck overlooking the beach….where a jack on the rocks and a coffee were waiting for us. We sat down and “River Bank” came through the speakers. I immediately started crying because I knew where this was going. He said let’s take a picture with the ocean in the background. As we stood up, my sister and cousin were down on the beach with a huge sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” As I cried even more tears of joy, mike got down on one knee, poured out his heart, and opened a ring box with the most beautiful ring inside it. Back home, all our families were waiting for us to celebrate. Needless to say it was a perfect day!

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Special Thanks

Gab Ibraham
 | Photographer