Christie and Conrad

Wednesday July 29, my then boyfriend took me skydiving for the first time. I should also add this was my first time to ever fly on a plane as well. I was terrified, nervous, and extremely excited for this day. When they finished putting me in my harness my instructor came over and took meto the side to talk to me and ask questions. Little did I know that my boyfriend was telling his instructor that he was going to propose to me. When we boarded the plane, his instructor began talking to mine in Spanish about the proposal. They planned it out that I would jump first but that my boyfriend would free fall for longer so he could beat me down. He landed and waited for me. As I got closer to the ground my instructor said “hey what is that guy doing on one knee?” I completely freaked out and said “oh my god, I don’t know!” My fiancé gave me the best and most epic proposal.

Image 1 of Christie and Conrad

I am so lucky to have him because he has added so much adventure into my life and has given me an awesome proposal story. We also just recently celebrated 9 years of being together.