Christie and Brandon

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How We Met

I’ve always had a rule that some might find strange. I never accept friend requests from someone on Facebook that I haven’t met in person. The only exception would be a very close friend or relative of someone in my immediate family. Late in 2015, I received a friend request from a man I did not know. He was handsome, but we had no mutual friends. As I was about to click “Decline”, for some reason, I paused. To this day I’ll never fully understand why, but something moved me to click “Accept.” Being the inquisitive person I am, with a generally suspicious attitude towards some social media, I sent the man a message and said, “I don’t mean to be rude, but do I know you?” To make a long story short, we began messaging each other from time to time. We discovered we had both endured very painful divorces after long marriages and had kids similar in age. On our first date, we had pizza and beer and I swear I fell in love with him that night. We have literally been inseparable since.

how they asked

One Wednesday afternoon in August, my boyfriend greeted me at the door. I’ll never forget how handsome he looked and can’t quite explain this strange sense of calm and peace that had fallen over me that entire day. He told me he had been working on a video and wanted me to watch. I assumed it was a video for the Karate school we were about to open (we had literally just signed the lease that same day). I sat down on the couch and could not believe my eyes……I had no idea he was taping my reaction. He later had the a colleague edit in the reaction with the proposal video. I feel so blessed to be marrying this man, and to have this moment memorialized forever in this way!

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