Christibeth and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met in Knoxville, TN a little over two years ago. We met on a dating app which was totally NOT how I envisioned meeting the love of my life, but sure enough that’s how it happened. When we went on our first date, I met him at the restaurant (just to be safe). When he came to get me at the front, all I could think about was how dang cute he was (and that good ole Minnesota accent he had was fun to listen to)! Our first date went GREAT (other than me lying and telling him I only had one cat) but I was still a little iffy about my story being, “we met on a dating app!” I continued to go on dates with him, but it was not easy for him. I knew I liked him a lot but all I could think about was that one day I was going to have to tell my kids we met on a dating app and what’s the fun in that?! Finally one day, I was talking to my brother who I look up to A LOT. He mentioned that he had gone on a date with somebody that he met on the same dating app. I thought, “if my brother is using that app it must not be that lame!” So I finally started opening up more to the idea of that being my story. I knew I really liked Jared a lot and it was silly for me to be worried about what our story was going to be. I had met the love of my life and that’s ALL that mattered. How we met isn’t as important as the fact that we did meet and it was meant to be!

how they asked

Jared and I got engaged on Friday, June 8th. He wanted to dress up and go on a nice date downtown since we hadn’t done that in awhile. I didn’t think much of that because there have been several times that we’ve said, “we should dress up and go out!” My suspicion didn’t really kick in until he said that we should go on a walk before our date because we NEVER do that, or at least we don’t plan to. That’s when I started to get some butterflies! So fast forward to Friday afternoon: we got ready, got in his truck, and headed downtown. But he didn’t take the turn to go downtown, instead, he headed to the Riverwalk. That’s when I KNEW what was about to happen. We got out of the truck and started walking along the riverwalk. He was being SUPER quiet and kind of awkward.

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He kept checking his phone and texting somebody (which I know now was the photographer). Finally, we got towards the part of the Riverwalk where there is a deck and outlook where you can see all the beautiful bridges and UT’s Neyland Stadium (go Vols!). I turned around to take a picture of the beautiful scenery and when I turned back to him HE WAS ON ONE KNEE.

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I heard him say, “Christibeth you’re the love of my life…” but the rest is kind of a blur. I literally started running around in circles celebrating because I was so excited. I forgot to say “yes” or take the ring so he was like, “are you going to say yes?” as if there was any way I wouldn’t. I said “DUH!” And that’s when he went from being my boyfriend to FIANCÉ.

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Special Thanks

Tyler Oxendine
 | Photographer