Christiana and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met through mutual friends about 5 years ago, but he was in another relationship and I was finding my way in life. Two years later, I moved to another state. Shortly after, he ended his relationship and our mutual friends pushed him back towards me. Neither of us wanted to do long distance, but the more we talked, the more we fell in love. After a year and a half of long-distance, I decided to leave my family and move back home. My family and I see each other every few years or once a year, so Matt thought it would be perfect to propose in on a vacation Hawaii where my entire family could be there.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

How They Asked

It was my parents and brother’s last night in Hawaii so we all went out to dinner. My brother suggested we take photos on the side of the restaurant by the water. I didn’t think anything of it since we rarely ever see each other. We did family photos, then family and significant others then just couples. Mom and dad went first, then Matt and I. When our picture was done, I tried to leave so my brother and his wife could take theirs, but Matt held on to my arm.

Proposal Ideas Hawaii

I stared blankly at him not knowing why he was holding on to me. I heard my mother scream “LOUDER” and then I realized what was about to happen.

Special Thanks

Aaron Eng
 | Photographer
Huggo’s On the rocks
 | Restaurant