Christiana and Joe

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How We Met: I went to college with Christiana’s brother and first met her while staying at their family’s home in San Francisco while I interviewed for jobs. Thankfully, I got a job offer, and she ended up working in the Bay Area having graduated the same year. We went on a few dates and the rest is history.

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how they asked: In preparation for Christiana’s birthday, I planned a surprise weekend trip. On the way to the airport, I revealed that we were headed to Paris. Paris! While I had never been there, I had spent the previous 6 months doing research to find the perfect place pop the question.

On the second day, after I had undoubtedly acted awkward/nervous all morning, we headed to Jardin Des Plantes to meet up with a photographer aiming to taking couples’ photos. The plan was to take some photos of us and then surprise her mid-way through the session with the proposal. I had seen a beautiful lake in online photos of the park and attempted to find it, only to be dead-ended near a depressing zoo with concrete pens for the animals. I quickly aborted, and our photographer, Marjorie, recommended we check out a lush garden and that’s when I finally summoned the courage to ask.

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Photography by Marjorie Prvl Photography