Christian and Zoe

how we met

We’ve known each other our entire lives. My grandfather had a shore house on Long Beach Island, NJ that I would spend my summers at taking sailing competitively. Zoe’s family is from Bay Area but her mom grew up in NJ. Zoe’s mom owned the house next door to my grandfather’s and would rent to a family friend. Every summer the Price’s would fly out and spend a few weeks at their house with the family friend. My parents would come down on weekends and as neighbors do, they all started to hang out especially when both my mom and Zoe’s mom were pregnant with us (we are the same age 1 1/2 months apart). So naturally we grew up seeing each other every summer and the summer before college we decided to date.

how they asked

As you know, I asked when I flew out to see Zoe on a work trip in Orange County, after a long day of ‘site-seeing’ I took Zoe to Top of the World and got on one knee at sunset and all I said was “Will you” lolololol

Special Thanks

Top of the World
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