Christian and Kailyn

How We Met

We met in 2007, our first night as freshman at University of California Santa Barbara. Not knowing what to expect, being quite nervous but going with the flow we crossed paths at a Waterpolo ‘Welcome Back’ party. We found ourselves uniquely enjoying each other’s stories as the night went on. It didn’t matter what was going on around us, we didn’t care what that guy was doing with his legs in the air and his hands on a keg, it was only about him and I and our stories that made us feel like we could do this college thing — he was calming. Little did we know our paths would cross many times after that night.

We didn’t start dating right then and there. We both played sports for UCSB, I played soccer and he played basketball. We would always see each other at sporting events or out with friends and over time him and I became good friends. We remained close friends for four years before anything around dating came up between us. Finally during our senior year, we decided to give it a shot after we both started having those “more than friends” feelings.

how they asked

Flash forward about four years later on October 25th, 2014 – a weekend that was supposed to be spent in Cabo, but due to the damage caused by hurricane Odile, that trip was unfortunately cancelled. In true Christian fashion he decided to fill our Cabo weekend with some type of a good time. We had toyed with the idea of skydiving previously and sure enough next thing I knew, it was booked!

Heading out to Lake Elsinore, the morning of the 25th I had no idea what he had in store. His calm attitude (as I was a nervous wreck) over the fact that we were about to be jumping out of a plane nearly 13,000 feet in the air was absolutely shocking to me. Little did I know, jumping out of a plane wasn’t even the hard part for him! We got all strapped up and started the incline into the sky. Christian was set to jump out of the plane first…and I was set to jump last (unbeknownst to me-so that the crew could roll out a 30 foot by 30 foot “Will you marry me?” banner that was supposed to be visible to me from the sky.) The fact that I had to go last made me even more nervous. My poor instructor. Finally I jumped, losing all feeling in my hands, feeling a little dizzy, and having the WORST dry mouth from the fall. I finally came to once the parachute was deployed — It was amazing, a feeling unlike any other. My instructor (who is strapped to the back of me) kept pointing out where we were set to land. I briefly looked down and all I could see was a large white tarp, I was completely oblivious thinking it read the “landing zone”. My instructor caught on to my obliviousness and brought me down a few hundred feet and tried again, “Kailyn what’s going on down there? What is that white thing?” Looking down and seeing in big bold letters MARRY ME? I went limp. I lost it. I can’t even describe in words what I was thinking/feeling. Once I landed, he was waiting on the ground in front of the banner, with 3 dozen purple orchids, and after a few words, he got down onto one knee. He took out the ring from his pocket and asked me right there to marry him on the landing zone in front of everyone who was there that day to skydive. From landing to being asked to marry my absolute best friend was almost like a dream. He even surprised me by secretly transporting our French Bulldog, “the Dude” as a surprise guest.

Image 1 of Christian and Kailyn

I cannot even believe everything that went into the whole day. my ring was designed custom from Darren Bagwell of Rockforher and I would find out later that Christian had worked closely with a company called, The Big Proposal, that seamlessly helped him produce and set up the whole day and shoot a professional video of it for us. The amount of preparation Christian and The Big Proposal did was amazing. I will forever be thankful to have such a great video of that day and I know Christian feels the same. The Big Proposal captured some of the most raw and touching moments of our day that made having this video amazing. I still do not understand how Christian was SO calm during all of this, but I guess that’s the same guy I met my first day of college.