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I landed in Arizona on the Tuesday, after 26 hours of traveling and over 6 months of going long (very long) distance. During that long time, I was aware he had been fixing a house up for us, and couldn’t wait to see it as he decided not to send me any pictures of it and keep it all a surprise for when I arrived. He came to meet me at the airport and told me I could only see the house the next day as he still had a few things to finish of and let dry…I was a little disappointed but knew it was important to him for everything to be perfect so I thought nothing more of it.

That night I stayed at his parents’ house and his sister asked me to be one of her bridesmaids ! She then told me she was going to have a little bridesmaids party at the new house (that I was still dying to see!) the following evening and that we should go dress shopping the next day for it. So we did, and a friend of hers even came around to do our makeup!

My boyfriend came round to pick me up a little earlier so I could see the house before everyone else arrived for the party. A few minutes before arriving he blindfolded me, got changed on the side of the street (which I only realized later!) and guided me into the front yard of our new home. I couldn’t wait to take that blindfold off and see the work he’d done and the place I was going to live in. When I did and turned around, well, you guessed it.. It wasn’t just one surprise waiting for me that night, he was down on one knee and asking me to marry him !!

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The whole set up really surprised me, it was only after a few minutes that I came to realize there was no bridesmaid party and everything his family had been preparing that day was for my engagement night! We then watched the video (see link) all together, and I found out how long he’d been planning all this when I learned that he’d asked my parents for their blessing way back in December when he was spending Christmas with me and my family in London.

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I moved to whole different continent on the Tuesday that week and on the Wednesday I was engaged to the man I love, and living in the new home he spent so much time building up for us ! After over 2 years of being apart for months at a time, a lot of traveling, our relationship really is stronger for it but we’re ready to start building our life together. I’d like to thank our family and friend for supporting us from the very beginning, believing in us even when the odds were stacked up against us, and helping us to make all this happen.

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