Christian and Bryce

How They Asked

Bryce had been to Italy several times and fell in love with the city of Rome. He had always told me that someday he would take me there and finally around Christmas 2017, we decided to plan the trip of our dreams! Bryce had always told me that he wanted me to be completely surprised when he proposed to me so in my head, I thought proposing in Rome was way too obvious and I truly never believed that he would do it despite all of my friends telling me otherwise! One of our best friends, Brad, had been keeping the engagement ring safe and when he and his girlfriend, Caroline, dropped us off at the airport to go on our trip, I had no idea that he slipped Bryce the ring as we were saying our goodbyes. We flew to Italy, Bryce having the ring in his jacket the entire time. After the proposal, I, of course, found out how nervous he had been going through security and having the ring on the plane.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

He joked that he almost proposed on the plane just to get it over with because he was so worried that I would find out! The second night of our trip, Bryce told me to put on a nice outfit and get all fixed up for a nice dinner! Little did I know that he had been emailing with the restaurant for weeks setting up the proposal. It was a super cold and rainy Tuesday night in Italy and when we got to the restaurant, it was completely empty (he didn’t plan that part).

We essentially had the entire place to ourselves. The staff were so kind and gave us a beautiful table upstairs, overlooking the entire city of Rome. We were having the perfect dinner with amazing drinks and food. I continually noticed that the wait staff were staring at us and watching us eat our meal which I thought was strange but I never considered that it was because they knew a proposal was coming. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and at that time, Bryce gave his phone to one of the waiters.

Christian and Bryce's Engagement in Rome, Italy

When I came back out, I noticed that the stand that was previously next to our table holding our bottle of wine was gone. I didn’t think much of it and sat back down in my seat and at about that time, Bryce took my hands and got down on one knee. He then told me how much he loved me and how he hoped I would make him the happiest man in the world and become his wife. Of course, I said yes!! The waiters took a lot of photos, documenting the entire proposal! It was perfect. Afterward, they brought out the champagne and we celebrated before going back to our hotel to call our families to share the great news!

When we returned to the hotel, Bryce had printed tons of photos of us through the years daring all the way back to middle school and he had them laid out all over the hotel room. It was so special and perfect! I couldn’t have picked a more romantic or perfect place to get engaged to the love of my life! After the proposal, we spent a great week in Europe celebrating and traveling together! We are so excited to become Mr. and Mrs. Steele on October 5th, 2019!