Christal and Jean-Marc

How We Met

Jean-Marc (JM hereon) and I met when we were in high school, two dorky kids who very much disliked each other (according to JM, I was the biggest nerd and to me, he was the a real mumma’s boy!) and who never thought that 5 years later, they’d start dating and 9 years later, be fiercely in love and engaged for a lifetime of happiness!

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Our happily ever after begins with our family, as even before we were born our parents paths crossed, with both our mothers being airline hostesses for Singapore Airlines (talk about coincidence)! Both our families originate from Singapore, but they separately found their way to what we know call “home” in Perth, WA.

JM is the most infectious, enthusiastic, LOUD, vivacious, funny, happy, driven and kind-hearted person you will ever meet (biased I know)! You’ll never have never a dull (or quiet) moment when he’s around… So it was only natural that when I was asked to work at JM’s family restaurant at 17, he lured me in with his charm, wit and good looks ;) We become incredibly close friends whilst working every Friday night at the restaurant. The friendship eventually lead into something more and till today, neither one of us will admit who made the first move (I am adamant he did)! Haha

Nevertheless, we become inseparable after the day we hooked up, and the rest is history… 9 years on, I am now typing our love story!

I would describe our relationship as fun, highly entertaining, fierce, deeply in love and I honestly couldn’t imagine anybody more perfectly suited for me. He is the best human I’ve met to date.

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how they asked

JM spent months and months planning and executing what was and will be, the most memorable day of our lives. It took an army of ~ 150 of our nearest and dearest, who attended the surprise proposal / engagement party on the 4 November 2017 (and YES, if you’re wondering, “did I suspect or know anything?”… I really didn’t!).

I began the day thinking I was attending a lunch hosted by his law firm in celebration of his recent admission and qualification to the Supreme Court.

However, he had orchestrated and planned for all our closest family and friends to be awaiting our arrival at Laneway Lounge where the supposed lunch was to be held. Family and friends from near and far flew into surprise me and for all our overseas family and friends who couldn’t be present with us, JM organized for them to be present via pixelated form, through FaceTime / Skype!

As I walked into the venue, and the steps leading up into the room, it was busy and I could hear light chatter in the background however all heads were facing the other way (as JM told me afterwards, this was on purpose so I wouldn’t recognize anyone as soon as I walked in)… I remember thinking “wow, there’s a lot of people here, but there must be another function going on” but before I could process any further, JM walking ahead of me yelled out into a crowd full of room, I stopped in my tracks as every single head turned around to become extremely familiar faces… and I was absolutely gobsmacked!

The tears obviously came streaming down as my eyes darted around the entire room to every single person that we love, cherish and who have been on our 9 year with us! It was by far, the most surreal and overwhelming feeling, knowing that everybody we love, was in that room!

JM proceeded to ask for the ring box from our 2 year old niece, who we absolutely adore and was safe-guarding the prized possesion on his behalf. He got down on one knee, and in the presence of our family and friends, he asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said “YES”!

Special Thanks

Matt Lim
 | Photographer