Christa and Seth

How We Met

Seth has been best friends with my next door neighbor since middle school. So for as long as I can remember I have hung out with him or seen him around my neighborhood. I didn’t really seem him as anything other than a friend neighbors who I would occasionally hang out with until I had him in Aquatic Science in high school. In class we were assigned to take care of a tank in groups of 4 and it was a no brainer that our group would consist of myself, my sister, Seth, and our friend and next door neighbor Jim. Two people of each group of four would take care of the tank for a single week and I got partnered with Seth for this. As the semester continued on I began to grow feelings for him but didn’t say anything about it. I began to grow closer to him as the semester grew to a close and soon realized that I probably wouldn’t have a chance with him because he was going to prom with my sister just as friends so I just sat in the back and pouted. But Seth had other plans, one day in class he had a container of ice showing everyone by me as to what was inside of the the ice. After an hour of begging he let me go out and break the block of ice to see what was inside. What I found was a little not that said ” now that you’ve broken the ice will you go to prom with me”. Not long after that on the way to take me home from feeding his horses and grabbing some food he shyly asked me if would be his girlfriend right as I am about to get out of the car.. and the rest is history.

how they asked

As the weekend was coming to a close I realized what an eventful weekend it had been. Seth and I were celebrating our three year anniversary, I was helping a girlfriend with a graduation photo shoot, and celebrating Easter with my family because my great grandmother was in town. Before the weekend had even started I had my suspicions that Seth may be proposing because we had always discussed that if one of use was about a year from graduating college which he is or we moved in together, the though of marriage was something to seriously think about. All of these exciting thoughts that I had racing through my head were drastically crushed when my sister Joanna let me know that why would he even propose now when he could on the cruise we are going on as a family in July. So letting those thoughts escape my mind I focused on the fun eventful filled weekend that was about to happen. As Sunday was coming to a close my girlfriend Mikanah who was taking the photos offered to take family photos seeing as that we had 3 generation all in one place, but I declined this offer until my sister texted me saying she wanted the photos and to ask and see if she would be free to do some generation photos. When we got to my grandmothers house everyone was already there including Seth, walking into the backyard where everyone was something seemed off but I thought it was just me so I pushed it to the back of my mind. After dinner when all of my family members were there to take of the pictures Seth all of a sudden though it was time to play with my promise ring he had given to me two summers ago. I thought nothing of it because this is a normal thing for him to do but this time he was persistent at taking the ring completely from my finger, I fought him for about a minute but gave up because I was needed for a picture. As the pictures were coming to an end Mikanah offered to take some pictures of just Seth and I which I greatly wanted seeing as we have been together for three years and have no professional pictures of just the two of us. Before snapping the fist picture Seth asked me if I wanted my ring back for the pictures to which my obvious answer was yes! That’s when i realized he was pulling something out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. My heart completely stopped in disbelief that this was actually happening, my best friend was going to be my future husband. As he asked those words a girls dreams of hearing all I could do was stare at him speechless as tears began to form in my eyes. With tears in my eyes I reached for Seth only then realizing the ring he was holding was the ring I had sent him as a joke saying all he had to do was go ask my grandmother for the ring and the ball was in his court now. It took me about a minute to actually form the words yes and even then it was so soft that I’m not even sure he heard it. Having my family there to celebrate with us after and showing my great grandmother my ring which was actually once hers, the reaction on her face was just icing on the cake.

Image 1 of Christa and Seth

Special Thanks

Mikanah Gaffney
 | Photographer
Joanna Frontera
 | Planner