Christa and Charles

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How We Met

Charles and I grew up in the same hometown (Little Rock, AR), which isn’t huge but we somehow never met each other until we were both about to start college. We met in summer 2010. We became friends and quickly started texting and hanging out so when we both went to Fayetteville, Arkansas for school, we kept up and became even better friends our freshman year. When we were on a trip to New Orleans to see our school’s football team play in the Sugar Bowl, he told me he liked me and wanted to be more than friends. Three months later, we started dating officially. That was six years ago.

how they asked

My birthday is in January and this year, instead of getting me a gift on my birthday, Charles told me he wanted to plan a trip for us to go to New York together. New York City has always been my favorite place, since I visited when I was 12 years old. I lived there for a summer after college and fell more in love with it. Charles and I were dating long-distance that summer while he was starting medical school back in Little Rock. It was tough to be away from each other and I ended up moving back to Little Rock after the summer.

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Needless to say, I was so excited to go back to my favorite place with my favorite person! March 26th, our second day in New York, we planned to grab brunch with my friends that I’d lived with when I was there that summer after college. Before brunch, Charles and I decided to go to Central Park to kill time. We walked around the park just like a normal day and eventually ended up on Bow Bridge, a beautiful bridge over the lake in Central Park. We were talking about the view when he looked over and kissed me out of nowhere. It was the first time I noticed at all how nervous he was acting. As soon as he kissed me and said “I love you so much”, I knew what was happening and my heart was immediately racing.

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He said “I’m so glad we got to be here together. And I have a question to ask you…” Then he took the ring out from inside his jacket pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I was so shocked and I was trying to look around and soak in the moment and remember exactly how it felt, so I took a few seconds before holding his hands and saying “Yes!!”

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We hugged and then he said my friends were there and they came running out from behind bushes with a bottle of champagne and roses.

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He had secretly set it up for my friends to hide and take photos while we were on the bridge. We poured champagne and celebrated right there on the bridge! Then we Facetime’d my mom and dad to tell them the news! It was absolutely a surprise and the most perfect proposal I could’ve ever imagined. I was so touched that he chose to propose in a place that holds such a special place in my heart. He selflessly made it all about me and I’ll never forget how it felt.

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Special Thanks

Jordan Necamp
 | Photographer - just a friend who shot it with her great camera
Elissa Knight
 | Friend - Brought champagne and flowers and just celebrated with us and helped Charles pull it off!
Allison McMordie
 | Friend - Brought champagne and flowers and just celebrated with us and helped Charles pull it off!
Blue Nile
 | Ring