Christa and Brandon

How We Met

Well, we met in High School; we went to the same school our whole lives but never spoke until I was a Senior and he was a Junior!! We started out as best friends, we did everything together and went everywhere together- he was my best friend. I started wanting to be more than friends first but he just wasn’t interested so I was like “okay, that’s cool” and we went on our merry way like nothing happened. Eventually, he wanted to take me on a date… he had to have 3 talks with my dad one-on-one before I could go anywhere, but we hit it off and have been together ever since!

how they asked

On the day before our 4 year anniversary, he took me to the park where we go every week. We had a nice picnic packed and went down to the river to start our lunch. As he laid the blanket down, a rattlesnake was right beside me. Long story short, we left the blanket to the snake and found a different spot elsewhere for our picnic. After a little while of snacking and talking, Brandon wanted to take pictures in front of his Jeep. We didn’t have anyone with us so we propped his phone up and started videoing and making different poses to eventually go back through and screenshot our favorite moments.

He kept insisting we stand for the pictures but I wanted to sit (lol!) but after a while, I agreed and stood up. Once we finished all the poses we could think of, I said “okie-dokie” and started to walk away to pack up, but before I made two steps, I hear: “but before we go though, will you marry me” and had pulled out a beautiful redwood ring box with the most gorgeous ring. I couldn’t stop smiling! I get to spend forever with my best friend! The best part of the story, he tells me “I always promised I’d never make you wait 4 years…. so just 3 years and 363 days!”