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how we met

While most try to avoid the cliche love story, our story is one that follows just that. Boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, boy and girl fall in love, they grow up and decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Throw in hours of studying, laughs, adventures galore, naps, enough bacon and McDonalds to feed a small village, and unconditional care for each other, and that’s just the way we would have had it. We have our great qualities, we have our quirks, but most importantly we have the complete confidence that no matter where we go in life, it will be done together, hand in hand.

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how they asked

How do you surprise someone with Christmas? It’s one of those things that you know is coming, and because you know each other so well, is even harder due to curiosity, suspicion, and being tied at the hip. That is a little like our story. It didn’t happen seamlessly in the slightest, due to a mom who is technically challenged somehow accidentally copying and pasting the full details Matt had originally planned to propose and sending it to me. Needless to say, that plan did not come to fruition and had changed previous to ‘the incident’.

Fast forward to August 22nd on my best friends Bachelorette Party. This day would be the last on my radar as it revolved around my best friend and included multiple wineries mixed in with mimosas and a few more drinks along the way. Like we said before, there have been many naps in this adventure, and as predictable as I am, this was also baked into the plan. After the wine tour had ended but prior to heading out to dinner with a few family and friends in town for the party, I asked if it was ok to take a nap. Well – they planned for that as well, and it was more than welcome for me to take my 20 minute nap to make sure I was fresh for the big event. After waking up, I changed out of a cute dress and threw some random clothes on and ran out the door without any face or hair prep.

We headed to the boardwalk just a short walk away from my best friend’s apartment to make sure we got there in time for the 7:30 ‘reservation’. Yet for some reason everyone dispersed the second we got to the boardwalk. I walked up to the restaurant and said we were there for our reservation. They looked at me confused and said, “…we don’t take reservations.” After turning to the bride all sorts of confused telling her about the reservation, she chuckled and said “oh really?”.

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As I turned around at that moment, Matt started walking towards me from the other side of the boardwalk. Back track a few hours and Matt was supposedly down in South Jersey with his family and wouldn’t be joining us for the evening, so yes this was unexpected.

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He asked if I thought he was a jerk for not coming out for the night and I said, “of course not,” to which he replied, “Are you surprised to see me?” I said “yes”, which he followed up with, “Let’s go for a walk. It’s serious.” He put his arm around me and grabbed me way harder than his usual relaxed hold. Oh, and he was more than a little nervous as we could see on his shirt. ;) I could barely walk, saying “What are you doing? Is this happening? Are you doing this right now? Why are you sweating on me so much?

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The rest is kind of a blur filled with small talk on asking me the one thing he hasn’t asked me over our six years of dating. He dropped to one knee and opened up the gorgeous ring with my Grandma’s engagement stone set in a beautiful setting. On queue, my water works went crazy and I was filled with happiness, love and a Twilight-esque type feeling.

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After we got ourselves together, Matt said ‘and smile for Lin’. He had hired a wonderful photographer to capture the rawness of the whole thing for us to have for lifetimes to come. When I turned around I was surprised yet again to find that both of our families were there to celebrate in the moment as well. Quite the mastermind if you ask me!

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The rest of the night was priceless with a wonderful dinner with the family, and a night out in Asbury with our closest friends. Absolutely perfect. An adventure-filled day and night just like our love story has always been.Within a matter of a week we signed a lease, got engaged and moved – completely life changing to say to the least!

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