Chrissy and Eric

How We Met: Chrissy and I met through good friends a few years back and continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with each adventure we experience together.


The only thing we love more than our dog, Riley Cyrus, is to travel. Even our “First date” was a weekend getaway.Engagement Proposal Ideas in mANAROLA, cINQUE tERRE, iTALY

Throughout our entire relationship we have enjoyed watching “The Amazing Race” on TV- and planning future adventures.

Chrissy would constantly try to get me to try out with her and seemed pretty confident that winning The Amazing Race was the best best way to finance our future together…

I was never exactly convinced that was a reasonable plan, nor did I have any desire of becoming a reality TV star, however I did have every intention of spending the rest of my life with the most amazing and beautiful person in the world. Chrissy.

how they asked: Chrissy was sitting for her very last exam to complete her masters degree. When she turned her phone back on she had a link to a video I had prepared for her.

She learned I would not be home when she got there, and was instructed to fly to Italy the next morning to receive her next clue.

At home she arrived to a box filled with her itinerary, directions and even some Euro’s in an envelope marked- ” you have this much to spend on this leg of the race”.


Chrissy followed the clues and made her way to the lovely town of Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy where I greeted her from the train. We walked to our apartment looking directly onto the water. While Chrissy began to get washed up and settled- I disappeared leaving behind another clue.

chrissy_cinque terre_trainstation

The final clue asked her to watch the video another time – as now it had a special message at the end… She ran out of the apartment in her bare feet. I could hear them slapping against the stone walkway breaking the otherwise completely silent night. She met at the side of a cliff under a moon lit sea where I was on one knee.

manarola italy

proposal spot_manarola italy