Chrissy and Alex

How We Met

We first met roughly 15 years ago, as we had similar friend groups. Alex always had a crush on me but I always had “bad boy” boyfriends, and Alex was just “too nice”. We met again in our late 20’s and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

The proposal was the most incredible moment for both of us. Once I knew Alex was the one, I started sending him ring pictures and hinting at him. Alex played it off like he had no money and it wouldn’t be happening for a long time. I got upset about it and felt like it would never happen, but that was all part of Alex’s master plan. Meanwhile, Alex had already taken my best friend ring shopping to help with ensuring it looked the way I wanted and had the personal touch of my best friend being part of the process. Alex had planned it out to propose to me on our trip to Iceland in late 2019. He had gone to my house, without me knowing, to ask for my parent’s blessing…he thought this would be a 20-minute meeting but it turned into multiple hours of my mom grilling him. Once he got the okay, he planned everything out to propose on “Diamond Beach” in Iceland. We were a few days into our trip and went to diamond beach, I was unsuspecting, and roaming around looking at all the diamond-looking glaciers along the beach. Alex shouted for me to come over and look at this cool broken glacier piece in his hand. I looked at it and said “it looks like all the other ones washed up on the beach…”. He then said “this one is special” and threw the glacier piece, opened his hand, and the ring was there. I started hysterically crying and was in complete shock. He got on one knee and we celebrated privately on this beach together. We got some amazing pictures together and enjoyed the rest of our trip as fiancees.


Special Thanks

Dupont Station
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