Lauren and Chris

How We Met

We first met sophomore year of high school. We had science together. We were acquaintances that picked fun at each other and laughed at each other during class. Chris would always smile at me in the hall and I would laugh and smile back. Two years later I saw him driving by my best friend and I. I messaged him on Facebook and we started talking. We instantly became best friends! He made me laugh to the point I couldn’t breathe! We were inseparable and still are to this day! Probably a month after we started hanging out I said: “Are you going to ask me out or what?” That was on November 2, 2012! He asked me out right after I said that and have been dating ever since!

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November 2, 2018 Chris and I had our 6 year anniversary! He took me to spindle top the day before and we had our anniversary dinner. I had been stressing all week about the weekend! He told me to look good from here on out till the rest of the year! “That’s a lot of work!” My nail lady I’ve been to for years stopped doing nails and just trying to plan a outfit was so stressful! He told me Sunday was a surprise and just be ready at 3pm! The day after we woke up and had breakfast and went to mall to go find him a shirt! I was so tired of shopping and from work from the week I was not evening thinking he was going to propose to me! Finally that day we leave and we get the airport at National Helicopters Solutions in Houston, Texas.

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I was surprised but was freaking out about going in the air! We filled out paperwork and waited for our turn for a sunset helicopter tour of Houston! We go outside there is a photographer and we started taking photos and he kept saying to me “these are going to look fantastic on our website!”I didn’t thinking anything of it! We got in the helicopter. I was so nervous cause I’m terrified of heights. As we get up into the sky it was the most romantic and beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life! It was amazing and so peaceful! I couldn’t believe it!

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As we started to land everything happened so fast! The photographer ran to the helicopter to grab my purse and Chris immediately grabbed my arms and said: “Lauren ever since high school I have always loved you, you have taken care of me and I have taken care of you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, Will you marry me?” It felt like forever we were both ugly crying!! Like really ugly crying! Before he could finish I kept saying Yes!! The whole time he hired a separate photographer to pretended to work there for the helicopter company and everyone was in on the plan! It was the most perfect and incredible evening!

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Special Thanks

Matthew Roberts
 | Photographer