Chris and Jennifer

How we met

Chris and Jennifer met on an icy, cold, and Wednesday night in Nashville, TN. Jennifer was out with her best friend after a long day at work and Chris was just out celebrating life with his friends. In what was anticipated to be a very relaxing and low-key night to wind down from the busy day, it ended up being a booming night in the midtown area of Nashville. Jennifer and Chris both ended up with their friends at a local watering hole that was PACKED. Unknowingly to both Jennifer and Chris, they were standing shoulder to shoulder with their future spouse and love. While it was a cold and icy night outside, the watering hole was almost suffocating with its heat and turn out of local college students. Chris turned to one of his friends and said, “Wow, what does it take to get served and out of here?” Jennifer, finding solace in knowing she was not the only one who felt that way, turned to Chris and said, “Yea! I agree!” The rest is in the books, which has many chapters left to be written.

how they asked

Chris, a northern boy from Pennsylvania, took Jennifer, a southern girl born and raised in Nashville, TN, out of her comfort zone and up to Pennsylvania after a year of dating to meet his family. Jennifer is very much a homebody, and had not traveled much, expect to Florida of course! While in Chris’ small town of Erie, PA, Chris swore by Art’s Bakery (family owned and local business) and their goods. When driving by, there is nothing special about Art’s Bakery, one could argue it looks like a hole in a wall. Jennifer, keeping an open mind, when into the bakery with Chris to satisfy her sweet tooth. After much deliberation, since Art’s has just about everything under the sun to offer, Jennifer selected a Big Chipper cookie (chocolate chip, cream filling sandwich) and was HOOKED. She ate them for the rest of the week and every trip back to Erie ALWAYS started with a trip to Art’s Bakery.

After five years of dating, Chris decided it was time to propose to Jennifer and wanted to do something original and special for her. During their annual trip to Erie, it was decided that the whole family would get together on Saturday morning for a brunch. Chris’ mother and sister had left to get a table (or so Jennifer thought) and Chris’ dad, Chris, Jennifer’s 7-year old son (Avery), and Jennifer piled in the car to eat some much needed food. On the way, Chris’ dad suggested that they stop at Art’s to grab some snacks for the 4th of July party later, since they would not be busy in the morning. Jennifer, thinking this was odd, suggested they go after brunch, but to no avail, ended up at Art’s.

While entering Art’s to buy some snacks, Jennifer looked around at various options to buy for the party. When looking through the glass cases, Jennifer noticed signs in various cookies in the trays. One tray had a caricature of Jennifer, another a caricature of Chris, another a hair bow (Jennifer loves bows), another hearts, another a diamond ring, another with Jennifer and Chris’ name, and so forth. All of these signs led to the Big Chipper tray. Not only were there Big Chippers, but a blue Tiffany’s box, with a handmade sign that read, “Will you marry me?”

Then, Chris asked for the blue box, got on one knee, and the entire family popped out from the back of the bakery! Chris had gone to great lengths to have the store owner allow his family and us in the store before opening to decorate the store and ensure no customers inadvertently interfered with the proposal. Needless to say, there were many tears, laughs, and Big Chippers for the rest of the day!

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