Emily and Chris

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How We Met

Chris & I met 9 years ago when we were both attending college at Middle Tennessee State University. As he would tell it, he remembers the outfit I had on the night we met. It was at a friend’s party in the winter of 2008 and according to him I made an impression. He got my number that night and according to him would text me about random parties and tried to get me to come hang out. This, again, is according to him. I recall late night text messages and fewer of them than he claimed to have sent, but I digress. He eventually lost interest and we didn’t see much of each other that winter. Cut to Spring Break ’09 in South Padre Island. We ended up hanging out one night with a group of friends and he and I were the last two walking up the beach from a night out. We got to chatting and realized we’re both from Kentucky.

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This was a game changer. Most Kentuckians are very proud Kentuckians so I was immediately intrigued. I even made him show me his ID because I thought he was using it as a pick-up line. He was attending MTSU on a football scholarship and I was there for the Recording Industry program. We further chatted about our upbringing and of course, Kentucky basketball. From there the spark was alive, this time it was mutual. I didn’t see him again until we returned to campus. It was a Saint Patrick’s Day evening that changed my life as I knew it. We hung out that night and have been together ever since. That will be 8 years ago this March.

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how they asked

It was a Friday evening. After work, we met at the gym & then rushed home to get ready. We were set to meet friends of ours at our favorite neighborhood pub up the street from our house. Being in a rush, I showered and ended up throwing on a ball cap & jeans – no makeup. My best friend had text me indicating that she was going to dress up a bit since her mom was in town (her mother is beautiful and always perfectly put together).I ignored this subtle hint and showed up in my sweatshirt, jeans & furry snow boots (cringing). As we were walking up to the restaurant, I noticed a couple of faces that I didn’t know were joining us for dinner, no big deal, I was happy to see them. I also saw balloons and thought someone must be having a surprise party. I knew my mom and sister would be joining us as well as my niece but it wasn’t until Chris opened the door that it started to click.

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As I walk in, I see my dad, my best friends and family from back home, his family from Lexington, our Nashville friends, and two huge Mylar balloons that say “C & E”.

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As I look to my right, I see Chris down on one knee. I immediately go into shock. As you can see on the video, I almost fell to the floor. I truly could not believe it was happening – right there, in front of our family and friends, in one of our favorite spots. He had planned on trying to get me closer to the section of the room where all of our friends and family were seated, but it hit me too quick so he dropped down on one knee right in the entry way.

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He wasn’t able to give the speech he planned and all I remember hearing was “is that a yes?” In the greatest joy of my life, I said “yes” to the man of my dreams. He was finally able to get the ring on my finger. Low and behold it was my DREAM ring. We spent the next few hours in a complete state of euphoria.

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There were photos of us all over the room, a cake and beautiful engagement gifts. Our closest friends & family were there and we spent the night reminiscing and reliving the moment. I kept asking how long everyone knew because I was floored that no one let anything slip. It was truly the greatest night of our lives thus far. Even without makeup, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It is truly how I always dreamed it would be.

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Special Thanks

Cassie Means
 | Jeweler/friend who helped design the ring
Molly Faulk, Lindsey Stamps, Hailee Coomer
 | sister & best friends - planned engagement celebration
Susan Long
 | impromptu photographer