Ashley and Chris

How We Met

I was cocktail serving on Halloween night at a bar when my friend (Maid of Honor) brought Chris in to meet me. She had been telling me for a while that she believed Chris and I were perfect for each other. I kept avoiding meeting him cause I wasn’t interested in being in a relationship so she decided to bring him somewhere where I wasn’t able to run away. Little did I know, she was right!! I never thought I’d be so blessed. After we met, Chris and I went on a date and started hanging out at his house. Before I knew it, he asked me to be the “Queen of his Castle” and we were in a relationship. Everything I had been running from turned out to be all I ever needed.

How They Asked

Chris and I booked a vacation to California about a year and a half into our relationship to celebrate our birthdays (it was my golden birthday). Chris isn’t exactly great at hiding surprises so I had a feeling he was going to propose but the way he did it totally caught me off guard. On my birthday, we had a horseback tour of a vineyard in Temecula, California. Knowing that Chris is very traditional in his ways, I did not suspect that he would propose without getting down on one knee.

He had it all planned out; our tour guide had us stop for pictures, I looked over, and there he was holding a ring that looked like a crown. Honestly, I blacked out from all of the excitement but he told me that he asked “Would you honor me by spending the rest of our days as the Queen of my Castle?” and he also confirmed that I did say yes. Our tour guide captured every moment, literally, every moment. From the initial jaw drop to me clapping and throwing my arms about and him placing the beautiful ring on my finger. He never fails to take my breath away!