Stephanie and Chris

Image 1 of Stephanie and Chris

Chris and I have been together since we were 16 years old. We went to the same high school, continued to see each other through our college lives (9 hours apart). Even after I chose to pursue a graduate degree in Boston while he worked full time in New Jersey, we made it work. We recently moved into our first apartment together, extremely excited after 6 years of long distance, and chose Hoboken as our spot. Chris had hinted that he wanted to propose for awhile, even way back in the summer months, so I really had no idea it was coming or what to expect. With my parents and sisters help, Chris was able to get me back into New York City over the holiday break (when I preferred to be binge watching Netflix on the couch) for dinner at The Meatball Shop, one of our favorite spots. We sat down in the restaurant and shortly after, both of my sisters got up to use the restroom. I, still as clueless as ever, did not think anything of it. My sister’s boyfriend then proceeded to take a phone call while Chris was shuffling around on the group trying to find something in his pocket. I continued to think everything was normal and began indulging in my favorite meatball slider. It was finally that I realized what was happening when Chris nervously began talking about how I am his best friend, and how long we have been together that I understood this was it! Neither Chris or I really remember what was exchanged in those fleeting seconds, but I said YES and we sealed the deal. A few minutes after, both of our parents walked through the door and surprised me. We ended our night with a trip to the Brass Monkey where a few of my college girlfriends, again, surprised me by coming from all over the map for our engagement. Since I am the first “bride to be” out of our group of friends, I know we have many more celebrations to come!

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