Rachel and Chris

How We Met

We met on a wednesday evening around midnight at the local employee late night hangout – I’d just finished with evening dance rehearsals for a new show at universal studios. He was out with buddies of his…

He was outside on the patio, and I went outside to take a phone call. While being stressed out on the phone, he walked up with a smile, sat next to me at the table, and started talking on his phone call extremely loud over me. I said goodbye to my phone call immediately, ready to give this guy a piece of my mind of how rude of a move that was.

“Excuse me, who are you?!” I said. He told me “Chris. Hey, so, how much do your parents pay you?”… Astonished I said, “….What?”. He replies, “To babysit that drink.”

I couldn’t help but giggle a little at how cheesy that was – but disregarding an answer to that, and with a roll of my eyes, I took a sip of my drink to hide the fact that he made me smile.

He then asks, “So do you work here?” – “Yes”, being short with him. “So do I!”, he exclaims as he tries to entertain me. “Pshh, yeah right…”, in my brushed off demeanor.

“I’ll bet ya 10 digits that I do!”

….Speechless, and shocked at his whit (yet charming grin on his face), I said “Fine! Where’s your employee id?”

Before I could finish, he set it out on the table…

Darn! – I’m thinking…

Hoping he forgot that I agreed to the bet, we continued to chat and I asked which department he worked in as then he asked me about my job in entertainment. The witty flirting went on for just about 5 minutes – and then security came to tell us that the place was closing.

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As I got up to regroup with my group of friends inside who thought I was on a phone call this whole time, he said, “Wait! What about those 10 digits?”. Sighing with acknowledgement of losing the bet, “Ugh, okay give me your phone – I’ll dial my number.”

….He just looked at me…. I waited with my hand out. Confused. “Actually… My phone was dead that whole time.” I can’t even tell you the look on my face but it probably was something of a deer in headlights haha. “Sooo, can you take my number?”

Still in shock, and a mix of emotions; charmed yet annoyed by this boy… “Fine, just tell it to me – I gotta run”, I didn’t even put it in my phone and he saw that I didn’t either.

I said bye, and didn’t think I’d ever see him again.

Later that night once arriving home, I got ready for bed and laid down. While laying there, the phone number – at least the number combination that I simply thought it might have been, popped up in my head.

I’m horrible with remembering names and numbers, so it in no way could have been the right number…. But I texted what I thought I was anyway: “Hi, thanks again for speaking over my phone call” in as much sarcastic finger-pointing you can possibly do over a text message.

But it couldn’t have been the correct number that just popped into my head, right?

“Nice meeting you rachel. You’re welcome.” is the reply!! Yet again – in shock: what allowed me to remember the right phone number out of thin air?

I’ll never know, but somehow this boy chris came into my life with his goofy, snarky, charming personality at the perfect moment, and it was meant for me not to lose him so that he’d stay in my life to call my husband one day.


how they asked

June 15, 2016 was our 4 year anniversary, and we were at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, CA. It’s breathtaking views, greenery along the cliff park, and the CUTEST seals sunning themselves for hours on end – made the best casual Oceanside park with stunning views. We were with our 2 friends, and met up with Chris’ sister, plus and her 2 kiddos.

We walked along the cliffside walkway heading towards the park area. There was a gazebo along the way, and next to it was an opening to the fencing that led out to the cliffside. I gave my camera to my friend, while I walked out to the opening, sat down, and dared to look over the edge. It was GORGEOUS – though probably a little dangerous!

As I was turned away, Chris told our friend, “I’m doing it here”. Chris then walked up to me and asked me to stand up. Me being stubborn, I asked him to sit down instead. “Come on, just stand up”, he says. So I did…

As I was still brushing off my bum from the sand, he tells me he has a question to ask — At that point I was just confused, and then I saw his hand come around from behind him with this blue ring box, and I was speechless:

My hands on my cheeks, over my mouth, trying to keep it together, smiling and laughing with joy but thinking how I didn’t see it coming —and the first thing I say to him and our friends: “Are you serious?!” I couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t !

Chris still kneeling down, I realized I didn’t actually answer the question… “YES!” I exclaimed.He stood up to give me the biggest hug and kiss.

Image 2 of RACHEL and CHRIS

Our loved ones were filming and capturing the moment, which I’m SO grateful that we have to remember. It was so beautiful, quaint, and overlooking a gorgeous landscape & the ocean; a place we fell in love surfing 4 years ago.

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