Chris and Rachael

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How We Met

Very simple meeting. We were dorm room neighbors in college.

how they asked

Chris wanted an adventure for his proposal. They had a trip already planned to visit Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and Chris wanted this to be the time and place to propose. Chris used Instagram to find suitable places to propose in Rocky Mountain National Park and stumbled upon a few posts from Travis of Dramatic Focal Point. Chris contacted Travis looking for help and hired Travis to help plan and photograph. Travis scouted the trail to Mills Lake a few days prior to Chris’ proposal date.

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Chris and Rachael arrived early in the morning to start their hike. They made there way up the trail to Mills Lake and found the spot that was marked with a yellow Nalgene bottle along the shoreline of Mills Lake. Chris dropped down to one knee while Rachael had her back to him. At first, she did not know exactly what Chris was doing.

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Chris had a custom ring box fabricated from wood and in the shape of a heart. Before Rachael realized what was going on she took a seat next to him. Chris did not miss a step and continued with his proposal. He opened the ring box and Rachael said YES! A couple of cold beers were poured into custom etched pints that had their names, the date, and the location on them. Cheers!

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Special Thanks

Travis Konkle
 | Photographer
Travis Konkle
 | Planning
James Allen
 | Ring