Chris and Paige's Flat Creek Winery Marriage Proposal

Proposal at the Flat Creek Estate and Winery35

How We Met:

Chris and I were both lifeguards at the Texas Tech Leisure Pool. I started working there during the summer of 2012. Chris always went back home during the summers to work, so at this point we never knew each other.

One night (July 25, 2012), I went out to with all my life guard friends for a fun night on the town. They mentioned us meeting up with another lifeguard who was in town for his sister’s orientation. When Chris and I met, we started talking about how he would be back in the fall. He was just visiting Lubbock with his sister who was about to start Texas Tech. I asked him if she was going through rush and that I would look out for her!

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That night we all hung out and had a great time! I of course thought Chris was very attractive, but at the time I had been seeing someone else. I told everyone I was going to walk home since I only lived across the street. Chris asked me if I lived at University Pointe, because he also lived across the street in the same apartments. He kindly walked me home so I would not have to walk by myself. We discovered he lived the apartment below me! Him and I had both lived there a whole year and we never knew each other!
Chris and I stayed friends for a semester before we ever started dating. His little sister actually rushed the same sorority that I was in! (This I was very excited about!) His sister Shelby knew I was no longer dating anyone when they both went home for Christmas break. Over break, she told Chris that he should date me (Thanks Shelby!). I guess he thought this was a good idea, because we started dating that February! Our first official date was on Valentine’s Day. I know, how cliché ;)

how they asked:

On the Saturday Chris proposed, I had no clue that this was about to be the best day ever! We had planned for a couple of weeks to play in a golf scramble Saturday morning.

After golf, Chris had told me he planned to take me on a date to Flatt Creek Winery. I do not get many Saturdays off, as I work in the wedding industry, so I was very excited about spending the whole day with Chris! I drive past Flatt Creek Winery everyday on my way to work and have always wanted to try it.

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I thought we were just going for a wine tasting! When we got there, the owner brought us a picnic basket packed with fruit, cheese, and wine. Chris led me to a picnic table under a beautiful oak tree. As we were enjoying a glass of wine, a random girl came up and started asking questions about why the vines were covered. The random girl asked if we would like her to take a picture of us and if we could take a picture of her. (The random girl actually was Mylah with Eureka Photography who took pictures of our whole proposal!)

At this point, Chris walked me into the vineyard to look more closely at the vines. We started talking about our future together and I could feel my eyes tearing up with tears of joy. At this moment, Chris got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage! I think I said yes before he actually finished asking me!

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After many tears, hugs, and kisses Chris walked me back to the picnic table where he showed me the label that was on the wine. It had “Will you marry me” the entire time! He had included one of my favorite verses: I Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.” He also revealed that this date, July 25, 2016, was the exact date we had met 3 years ago!

Chris and I started calling our family and friends, sharing the big news! Everyone was so excited for us! Little did I know that Chris had more surprises waiting for me! My family said they couldn’t wait to see me and would have to come the next day to celebrate.

Chris’s parents told us to come over so they could see the beautiful ring, as they live in the town next to me. When we walked in, we were greeted by all our family and close friends! I was so surprised! My family and friends had played it off so well!

It truly was the best day ever!

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Special Thanks

Eureka Photography