Minnie and Chris

Image 1 of Minnie and Chris

How We Met

We have actually know each other for a number of years and met through mutual friends when I still used to live in Berlin. But then I moved to London to study and whenever I visited we wouldn’t really see each other. Only in 2014 did we start talking and when I visited Berlin that year we became really great friends and ended up being best friend really. I was of course still finishing my studies in London so we kept it as it was while getting to know each there which was probably the best decision ever. The following year we went on our first holiday together with a group of friends. That is where we got together on the night of the 13th March in Croatia on the beach under the stars. It was very romantic and ever since has had a special place in my heart!

how they asked

We jut got engaged on our holiday in the south of France! We just spent a week in the Cote d’Azur visiting close friends. Before arriving we planned what we want to do and see while here. So on Tuesday we had planned to go to St Tropez to walk around the area and enjoy the day there. It was super hot but we had a great time exploring the town and taking photos of the beautiful scenery. After we had seen almost all of St Tropez we went for some gelato and decide to enjoy the deliciousness by the sea. So we walked down the main street which led to some sort of bay/beach. So on one side you have the beautiful view over the sea with some boats and people around. On the other side you had the view over St Tropez’ old town.

As a blogger I of course took loads of photos. Suddenly Chris wanted to take photos of us together since we hadn’t taken many really. The backdrop was beautiful so obviously we took photos on the small cliffs. After the first bunch of photos our friend Leo took I was getting tired of the heat so I asked Chris to head back. But he replied: let’s take some more photos. So I agreed. But then I really wanted to go back and that is when he went down on one knee and after some beautiful words (some of which I can’t remember due to the big surprise and over excitement) he asked me to marry him and I said YES!

Image 2 of Minnie and Chris

It was the perfect moment and the perfect engagement proposal. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to get engaged. It was so romantic and my ring is just beyond beautiful! So now’s time to plan the wedding! :D

Special Thanks

Leo Hambrook
 | Photographer