Chris and Michelle

How we met

I had recently moved to the United States from Canada in July of 2015, and was living in Darien, Connecticut with my sister and brother in-law. I didn’t know anyone in the area, and my life basically consisted of commuting to Manhattan for work, coming home in the late evening and then going straight to the gym. Thinking that this would only last the summer as the position I moved for was an internship I was ok with the routine and figured I’d be back to my home to my friends and lifestyle soon enough. In the fall however I was offered a year-long position and decided to jump at the opportunity. This is about the time I had decided that meeting people and becoming more sociable would be a good idea, I had made friends at the gym but didn’t have anyone special to spend and share my experience with. At the time I hadn’t really planned any long term ideas or really honestly thought anything significant would come of joining a dating site….I was very very wrong. I had been on several dates, met some nice women but none who really caught my attention. One night I noticed Michelle’s profile, instantly I thought “oh wow” and I decided to reach out to her. The funny thing is that being oblivious to the surrounding areas I assumed she lived close by since I had set my distance radius to 30 miles on the website.

It turned out because I lived so close to the water and because at the time Michelle was at work on the Northern side of Long Island we showed up on each others profiles, not realizing she lived an hour and half away I sparked conversation. We began speaking, and eventually Michelle realized we were quite far from one another, however at that time I had told her “the distance won’t matter if we both feel we are worth it”. Now there aren’t too many times a guy gets to say he was right… but… I was right. We clicked instantly, able to talk about anything and I was constantly checking my inbox to see if she had sent me anything, I couldn’t get enough of her. After several weeks of talking we decided to finally meet up. We had our first date at an Italian restaurant (fitting as Michelle is Italian! She chose it…I paid for it K, since I was rolling in that intern money!!)

I arrived first, nervous as hell to meet who I had been talking to, praying to god I wasn’t about to be Cat Fished (since I have been before), needless to say, I was in awe of Michelle from the moment I saw her, photos couldn’t ever do her justice and I just hoped she was feeling the same way about me. The date was a success and we talked the entire night…I think it lasted about 4 – 5 hours! (I think I remember feeling my cell phones buzzing, knowing it was my family checking to see if I was still alive.) We both decided we wanted to see each other again and since that night we spent almost every weekend or free time we had together; we even managed to get some gym sessions in together since Michelle had recently become an avid gym goer herself. With Michelle being a nurse on Long Island and me working in Manhattan, it took some long train rides from Penn Station to get the opportunity to spend a few hours together after a long work day, but it was totally worth it! Over the next 7 months Michelle and I experienced so many great things together, we traveled, I met her entire family and I even moved out to Long Island to live with her. I knew I couldn’t be without her, she was truly the best part of my life. I knew pretty early on that Michelle was “The One” it’s not something you can explain but anyone’s who’s felt it knows what I mean. I just knew that the thought of being away from her wasn’t something I ever wanted to experience and at that moment I realized I was going to ask her to be my wife.

how they asked

After brainstorming several ideas I finally decided to propose to Michelle in Montauk, New York. I wanted to pick a place that would always be close to home for us, but memorable at the same time…and was quiet and secluded. My sister is a wedding photographer, and my dad does drone photography, so I came up with a plan with them that would leave Michelle completely shocked and unsuspecting. Michelle and I had talked about getting married, but she didn’t expect it right away or so close to home, so planning it at Montauk for the end of July completely threw her off. We told Michelle that my sister desperately needed models for a styled shoot at Montauk and my dad was going to happen to be in town visiting that weekend and wanted to sight see and capture footage with his drone. I wanted the proposal to be memorable and romantic, and the most important thing to me was making sure that Michelle felt absolutely gorgeous and special. I asked my sister to make a floral crown out of baby’s breath for her to wear, and Michelle picked one of her favorite dresses for the shoot.

The day of the shoot, Michelle had just come off of a long nursing shift, and the last thing she really wanted to do was go to a photo shoot all she really wanted was to sleep. But, being the kind of person Michelle is she is never the one to want to disappoint! Unfortunately, we had to battle a lot of traffic to get out to Montauk, and about halfway there, she was calling Kristina asking if we should turn back around…luckily Kristina refused to turn around…and eventually we made it to Montauk (Oh we also decided to buy a Great Dane on our way to the proposal, Michelle obviously not realizing what was about to happen. We now we have a 8 month, 115lb bundle of joy!) It was so hot out that day, that the cheesecake I picked out melted in the car on the way over…but we still had wine! Once we got there we found a perfect cliff and began to hike down, Michelle complained the entire way… We spent the first 20 min playing the thing off as an actual styled shoot to keep it authentic, my sister and I had a secret signal that I’d gesture to her once I was ready to propose, at which point she would ask Michelle to walk away from her so she could capture photographs. At that point, I’d get into place to propose, so I’d be ready when she turned back around. We started the shoot, my dad and brother in law got the drone set up, and by about 20 minutes into the shoot we were feeling more laid back and having fun, at which point I felt like it was the perfect time to propose (the looming storm clouds in the background were also signaling that it was time for me to ask!)

Michelle walked away and I walked towards her, and as she turned around, I got down on one knee, the waves were coming up around us and the moment became surreal. Michelle I think took a moment to process what was happening covering her face, took a small step back and was in absolute shock and happiness and began to tear up.

It took a few seconds to get the words out (more than just a few words! I thought a lot about what I wanted to say to her, knowing I’d only get one shot at this but no amount of prep was enough to get me through such a surreal moment, I blanked and had to just speak what I felt at the time. Once I proposed she immediately said yes, it felt like it took a long time for her to respond but it was probably only a second or two. Luckily, my dad was able to capture the proposal from above with the drone as well! With the storm clouds quickly approaching, we left to take some engagement photos, had some wine, and then left on our own to dinner.

The funniest thing about this entire story is that prior to coming to New York for the internship I was actually planning on moving to the West Coast of Canada, the EXACT opposite direction. I guess you could say that regardless of your own plans and ideas, life has its own and finds a way to make sure you are exactly where you should be. I couldn’t have asked for more, or to become part of a better family.

Special Thanks