Chris and Krystin

How We Met

Chris and I met through mutual friends during our years in college. On the night of our first encounter, we both glanced at each other from across the room and thought how nice the other looked, but we didn’t speak. I had heard many stories about Chris through my friends and also about how sweet and genuine he is. The more I heard, the more I wanted to get to know him. Apparently, Chris felt the same as he had later looked at my Instagram pictures and shown them to his football buddies then asked one of my friends if she thought I would agree to go get some “froyo.” I had recently joined a sorority and was preparing for my first semi-formal dance with my friends.

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Our friends’ group planned to go together, and I was eager to ask Chris to be my date. My friends and I stayed up late one night painting a banner that would later be hung in his dorm room with balloons asking him to go to semi with me. He eagerly said yes. We went to semi-formal a few days later, and the rest is history. He was my semi-formal and formal date to every dance after that and still my favorite dance partner after college is over. Now, we are dating/engaged as a long distance couple as we have been for an about two and a half years.

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How They Asked

Chris and I had been dating for a little over 3 years, and I was so eager to become his fiancé. I knew he had the ring but had no clue when he was going to propose. I had special outfits picked out for the big moment and traveled with them every time I went to stay with him and his family. He had been taking me out on special dates every weekend visit just to make sure I was thrown off of his tracks. Meanwhile, he had been talking to my best friend and college roommate, Rachel, to plan out the proposal. He told me we were going to Atlanta that Saturday, and we were going to walk through the market at Piedmont Park then explore a little more. We were too late for the market because I begged for food, and he took me to the Cheesecake Factory (He spoils me, what can I say?).

Chris and Krystin's Engagement in Piedmont Park

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Once we finally got to Piedmont Park, we walked around until we got to the pavilion on the water. On our way to the pavilion, he was on his phone and trying to find where we were supposed to be. Lucky for him, I was distracted by all of the dogs and ducks I saw and was pointing them all out. When we got to the pavilion, we walked in and looked at the view. He then pulled me to the middle of the pavilion and started to get down on his knee.

He said many sweet words, and at the end said “Krystin Fayth Clinton, will you marry me?” Through my tear-filled eyes and shaky voice, I said yes! After he put the ring on my finger and embraced me, he turned me around where I found my roommate standing there and her boyfriend snapping the photos. I was so surprised and glad to see her there, and I later found out through the stories that they were both hiding in many bushes along our way around the park.

Special Thanks

Rachel (my best friend)
 | Planning
Rody (Rachel's Boyfriend)
 | Photographer