Chris and Kira

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How We Met

Chris and I met between the first and second month of my first year in college. It easily just seemed like it was going to be another day as I was sitting by myself in the student center where there used to be a few long tables that had charge ports. I had my laptop plugged in and my phone plugged in as well and since it was a popular spot all the ports were taken. I had my headphones in and then next thing I know he taps me on the shoulder and asks if it’s okay if he uses my charger to charge his phone. And then goes to show me this YouTube video that I had enjoyed watching a few times, and to this day I’m still not sure if he knew that I had seen it before and like it for another reason than what he meant behind it ( which he went on to say was that like the title I was the only one for him :) ). From then on, would obviously lead to where I am here on this site. ^-^

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how they asked

We stayed together all throughout college and graduated back to back. The night before he was going to graduate I was working on decorating his cap and then he and his mom had to go to the store to get something, and little did I know what it was, but his Dad asked me where had they gone and I said to the store and he asked if I knew what store or for what but I said I didn’t know and that they just said the store (spoiler alert: it was to go pick up the ring that his Mom knew about but his Dad, and obviously I, didn’t).

So the next day, on his graduation, I went to pick him up and tell him where to go and everything since I had graduated the day before. He asked why I was dressed up and I said it was for pictures afterward (spoiler #2: Little did I know I would be properly dressed up for proposal pictures!). After I let him go meet up with everyone including one of our friends that were graduating that day as well, I went to meet up with my Dad and his parents to watch him walk across that stage after a long attendance. After the ceremony was over we all went to go meet outside where I would get to congratulate him on graduating and also we would get to celebrate something else as well!


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For as I was waiting on our friend to come over since we had met up with her family, and my Dad was walking over, he got down on one knee and asked me if I’d marry him which lead me to say “Oh my gosh/ Oh my god, really? really? (supposedly 5x ha ha) and then just smiling at him before he was like “So is that yes?” while smiling at me and I was like “Yes – of course!” I was indeed surprised, happy, ecstatic, and more since I was SO happy that he had asked me and that I would get to look forward to marrying him. And then, even though I didn’t want to cry, he told me that he had asked my Dad for his permission/ blessing back during the Solar Eclipse in August and I, being a daddy’s girl, started crying since I was so surprised that he had been that traditional and that my Dad had kept it from me for 4 months! I really liked the fact that everyone was there and that even though my Mom wasn’t there due to the surprise, our friend’s Mom cried for her. :)

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Next thing he did as we were getting situated and taking some awesome pictures, he told me he had wanted to wait for our graduation since it was special to him and for both of us, and our friend who took the pictures was hiding and waiting the entire time so I wouldn’t see him when we came out from the ceremony as to get the pictures. Overall, it could easily be one of the best days for both of our lives!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer