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Chris's Proposal in Crowley TX

how they asked – his side

I came up with this idea when I took her to the gun range and she had so much fun (ahem, and it turns out she’s a better shot that I am). We were going to my folks place for dinner but I told her we had time to do some shooting first and she was all in. She could tell the targets had some writing on them, but had not idea what. As soon as she sat down to look through the scope (and then saw that the target said “Marry Me?”), I got the ring out and got on my knee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Crowley TX

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Crowley TX

how they asked – her side

This man is just so creative and romantic, I just can’t even…

We were supposed to be going to his parents for dinner, but we left early because he told me we were going to shoot some guns. I had only shot guns once before and had a BLAST so I was excited to be doing that again. When we got there I saw the targets set up and I could tell they had something written on them, but couldn’t tell what it said… until I looked through the scope.

OH MY WORD!!! He totally surprised me. I am on cloud nine right now. I can’t WAIT to be married to this incredible man.

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