Chris and Jill

How We Met

Chris and I met via a dating app! Depending on who asks, we usually just say a dating app but for the millennials, yes it was Tinder. I had just returned home from my sophomore year of college and thought why not? So I started swiping left and right and along came Chris. We really hit it off and could not get over our two “shared interests” the app presents to you and your matches. Ours were Sour Patch Kids and Patrick Star from Spongebob (the app took this interesting data from Facebook LOL). Within a few weeks, Chris asked me out on a date and we never looked back. It’s crazy to think I met “my person” on an app that wasn’t created for dating per se… but I’m so glad I did. Chris is my other half and throughout our 3+ years of being together we’ve always joked about meeting on Tinder but I’m so glad I’m his Tinderella!

How They Asked

One of our earlier dates in our relationship was a hike at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY. We made our way to the top where there is a breathtaking view of the Hudson Valley. It began to rain but we didn’t care. It was a romantic kind of rain. A scene from “The Notebook” if you will. I always pinpoint that day as the day I fell in love with Chris. So here we are 3+ years later, hiking up the trail to the top of Mohonk Mountain to see the fall foliage before we head to his parents’ house for his grandpa’s birthday party… or so I thought. It was a beautiful fall day, still warm enough to wear a sweater with no jacket. We chat along the way, steal a few kisses, and even saw a black bear! We get to the top and as Chris goes into his backpack to get the “breakfast sandwiches” we picked up, I spot one of his friends in the distance and am immediately confused. I start yelling over to Chris, “hey that guy looks a lot like Jeremy!” As I turn back to look at him, he’s on one knee with a black velvet box asking me to marry him!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mohonk Mountain, NY

I was completely and utterly surprised. I had no idea this would be THE moment. I was stuck in my place for a few seconds as I was processing everything, I’m pretty sure I exclaimed “WHATTT” a few times. When it finally clicked, I walked right up to him and obviously said yes! It is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. Jeremy snapped some amazing photos to document the whole thing. Just when I thought all of the surprises were over, we pull up to his parents’ house an hour later to find our family and friends waiting there to congratulate us and kick off a surprise engagement party.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mohonk Mountain, NY

He was able to coordinate my best friends from Boston, Virginia, California, and family from all over NY to be with us for this special day. It was truly the best day of my life. From making sure my nails were done, to ensure he got the ring details from a friend to having Jeremy waiting to snap real-time photos, to inviting our loved ones to celebrate with us, he planned everything perfectly down to the last detail. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

Special Thanks

Jeremy Quinn/DJBAD
 | Photographer