Jessie and Chris

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How We Met

We first met at a dance party night out in our late teens back when that was a thing where we partied the night away – probably wooed him with my d-floor moves (not really, they’re terrible!) Later he asked a mutual friend of ours for my number and after a few dates he soon asked me to be his girlfriend. We knew from the beginning we would be together forever – that was 8 years ago and now we are getting MARRIED! I feel so so lucky every day to love and be loved by this amazing man.

The below is one of the earliest pictures I can find of us when we had been dating a few months :)

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how they asked

We were so excited when we booked our 2 and a half week Thailand holiday and couldn’t wait to get there! We planned to meet family in the second half of the trip in gorgeous Koh Samui, Thailand and decided to keep the first part of the trip without plans so we could adventure around a few islands and decide on the journey as we went.

We booked our first night in Thailand (Bangkok), flights to Krabi Island the following day and that night a boutique hotel in Ao Nang which was supposed to be a perfect base area to travel to some of Thailand’s beautiful nearby islands. The night we arrived in Ao Nang, Chris mentioned that he had the next day sorted and we would be picked up the following morning to go to our next location. This was exciting to say the least! The next morning, we were collected at bang on 10:00am and half an hour later, we arrived at a local port where some locals met us to collect our bags – we were going on a boat babes (YAYYYY)! I had no idea where we were going and when we arrived on Yao Noi Island 50 minutes later I could not believe my eyes it was so gorgeous!

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Upon arrival at Yao Noi, we were greeted by the Management Team and our GEM (Guest Experience Maker) who would be looking after us for our stay. This alone was SO special as we had quite literally arrived in paradise to the most attentive, amazing staff ever!

We hopped in a golf cart with Tanya, our amazing GEM who then took us for a tour of the resort. Below is a picture of the Den, one of the incredible bars located near reception at the resort where we were served delish, refreshing beverages on arrival – yummm! We were speechless – was this place even real life?!

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After a tour of the resort, our GEM took us to the most beauty accommodation I have ever seen!

When we had looked into Thailand accommodation initially, I would have never even considered such a lush place but I had always said I wanted to stay a night or two in a jungle type villa – I got exactly that and so much more.We learnt of the sustainability focus at the resort & soon saw how everything connected to this, from recycled water and packaging, on site vegetable gardens and mangrove walkways planted and designed to preserve the local plant and animal life – the mangrove walk is filled with butterflies flying around – so magical.

This place was next level, complete with our own pool all the amenities you could ever even think of with the most stunning decor and surrounds. I can’t even describe the attention to detail of the rooms, resort and the staff at Six Senses Yao Noi, it felt like a honeymoon!

Our Villa View from above!

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After we had been taken to our villa, our GEM suggested we lunch at the Hilltop Reserve (one of several restaurants located within the resort). We were quick to agree to this as we were starving and when we arrived we were again blown away by the beauty in front of us, as well as amazing food and drinks! Yes I like Pina Coladas! :)

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After lunch, our GEM told us that she highly recommended a beach dinner (to which we both said 100% yes) and that she would arrange for us to be collected at 6:30pm in time for sunset. We only had to pick our faves on the menu in advance and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and relaxing in our villa. In hindsight, Chris seemed to spend forever choosing what to wear for dinner that night which I put down to the tropical temperatures.

I was so excited for our beach dinner particularly as Chris mentioned that afternoon that when he booked the resort they had noted it as an amazing dining experience on offer – little did I know that when Chris had booked a few months prior, it was he that had told the resort staff his proposal plans and what he wanted and worked with them to pull it off! He had also filled his family and mine in on the plan to their excitement so they had been waiting months by this stage but hadn’t given anything away.

We arrived to a candle and lantern lit walkway down to the beach and at this point I was like WHATTTT – is this just for us??!! Chris led me astray by telling me that all guests could book beach dinners so he thought that maybe a few others would join us later.

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Our private beach and dinner set up!

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We ordered champagne and Chris was super keen for this to arrive which I didn’t think much of, as I was too! I feel like my jaw was on the floor (sand) the whole evening.

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The beach set up, dinner and him, were an actual dream like something out of a movie!

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We sipped champs over foodie perfection entrees and mains and were served by amazing staff who disappeared most of the evening appearing only to check on us, bring further dishes or top up our glasses. Suddenly, Chris pointed out a nearby crab running around on the sand (me “eep!”) and when I turned back around, I found him on one knee holding the prettiest ring I could have imagined sparkling at me and Chris asking me to marry him!!!

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It was a resounding YES with lots of tears & screaming!

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I won’t ever get over this fairytale proposal of my dreams and can’t wait to marry my incredible fiance! Seriously, what a dreamboat.

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Best holiday EVER! Celebrating with family later on Koh Samui, Thailand at Le Meridien Resort (more champagne!)

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Here’s to our next chapter! :) xxx

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