Chris and Jessica

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How We Met

We met playing in an adult kickball league (don’t laugh – it’s fun!). Although we made an instant friendship, it stayed that way for a year or so until one day something just clicked and my perception of our relationship suddenly changed. We started dating and have been inseparable for the 6+ years ever since. We balance each other perfectly; it’s hard to imagine life before him.

how they asked

We had been together almost 6 years. As we saw all our friends around us get married, we were constantly asked when our turn would be, especially since we had entered our 30s. But we just weren’t in a rush to get married, so it truly wasn’t on my radar. We had friends in town so we made reservations at a fun new restaurant right next to a park on the Hillsborough River, in Tampa. As we were arriving, I got a text that my friends were “running late” so Chris and I decided to kill time by taking a walk through the park although it turned out there was a local music festival being held, including cotton candy, face painting and BBQ booths – right where he had wanted to propose. Panic ensued. He needed a plan B. He made eye contact with the photographers who were hiding behind a cotton candy machine, motioning to the one unoccupied piece of the park, right as I suggested we go back to the restaurant to wait for our friends. It was now or never!

I was completely clueless until he got down on one knee and the photographers popped out to capture it all.

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My shock soon turned to pure emotion as he told me that he had been keeping this secret for months and wanted it to be perfect. My friends weren’t coming to dinner. In fact, there weren’t even dinner reservations (although he had called the restaurant to put a ‘fake’ one just in case I decided to talk to the hostess). Instead, he informed me that all off our friends were waiting at a nearby venue for a full on engagement party celebration!

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Everyone knew – except me. Thinking about all the planning that went into this and the past 6 years we shared together brought me to my knees. I was never happier than in that moment. The night was incredible, we celebrated all night long! I wasn’t sure how I pictured my engagement but this surely topped anything I could have come up with. Everything was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Emily Ganey
 | Photographer
Thomas Ganey
 | Photographer