Jasmine and Chris

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How We Met

In December of 2012 I was looking to move into Cambridge and had arranged to view a room for rent in the city centre, when I knocked on the front door of the house it was Chris who answered, that’s the moment when we first met. I moved in a few days later and Chris and I got on really well straight away! I was totally smitten by him, here was a guy with a great personality, hysterical sense of humor and he was oh so handsome…but he was my housemate and at first I didn’t feel it would be a smart idea to pursue things, what if things got awkward? As it happened we spent most evenings together, whether it be by ourselves or with friends, and even once we’d gone to bed we’d still be texting each other from our rooms. I really, really liked him and I had the feeling it was mutual, but I wasn’t sure about making the first move.

After a few months of getting to know one another it was a night out with friends (aided by a few cocktails and prompting words of encouragement by friends) that we told one other how we felt. I knew pretty soon into our relationship that Chris was “The One”, I have never met a more kind, gentle and thoughtful soul and he has made me laugh out loud every single day we’ve been together. I knew he was my penguin and the one I wanted to share my life with.

how they asked

Chris proposed on December the 7th, halfway through our two week holiday with his family in Barbados. Chris grew up there so the holiday was to meet his family, take in sun, sea and sand and see the places that were special to him when he was growing up. I had no expectations of a proposal! Not even an inkling!

On this particularly beautiful day we were all exploring the north and east of the island, we’d hired a car and throughout the day ticked off my wish list of places to see, each place just as beautiful as the last but unique in it’s own way. The last stop was suggested by Chris, Codrington College – it’s a gorgeous stone building built back in 1743 on gorgeous high grounds that overlook the distant coast. When we arrived at the end of the long driveway there was no one around, just a gaggle of geese, a cat and her two kittens. The kittens were enough to distract me for a while and I was busy trying to get them close enough to pat but only managed to get their photo. Enough time for Chris to get the ring in his pocket I found out later!

I can’t help but smile every time I think about what happened next – Chris proposed! And It was the most beautiful, surreal few moments of my life!

After we’d had a little look around the college buildings Chris took my hand and we walked to the edge of the garden, looking back on the College we shared a kiss and enjoyed the few moments we had alone together.

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We walked back towards the college, to the patio under the main arches. There are a few rooms under the arches, Chris told me to go and have a peek inside one, saying the rooms are usually where wedding ceremonies take place. I pressed my face up to the glass to have a look in and when I turned around he was on one knee, ring in hand! All in that moment time slowed, I felt as though I wasn’t in my own body, that somehow I was making this moment up and my stomach was flipping like crazy…Chris tells me my next words were “What are you doing?”. I vividly remember he’s though, looking at me Chris says “Jasmine, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Just wanting to make sure, I asked him “Are you serious?”, Chris confirmed that yes, he was proposing, and I immediately said “Yes!! Of course!!”. I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him – I was ecstatic!

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It was only afterwards when we posed for photos that I felt just how hard his heart was beating too! Now I get to look forward to marrying my best friend and making him my husband! I can’t wait!

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