Chris and Jackie's Flipbook Proposal

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How we met: Chris and I met 3 years ago at a non profit pairing mentors with first generation, low-income, talented college students. Love a first smile…it didn’t take long before we were on our first date. Best first date ever- we exchanged our stories on top of a swanky hotel rooftop bar in midtown, he gave me a tour of Washington heights and pointed out the apartment building in which he grew up in, we laughed.. and he called me every day after…

how they asked: It started with some art galleries in Chelsea. I’m an avid art lover and painter myself so this was just a normal Saturday morning. We were in front of the Chamberlain installation at the Gagosian when my cousins asked to meet up on the highline.

Selfie before I knew:


When we got to the highline, my cousins said they were “running late.” While waiting on some chairs, Chris handed me this flipbook, which I thought was odd, but cool at the same time.. About 1/2 way through the book I saw that there were people in the flipbook… People that looked just like me and Chris!… Eyes wide open, I stopped and said ” What is going on.” in my head I was thinking “omg I know how this ends…” I had to restart the flipbook.

When I finished, Chris got on one knee and asked me the question that every girl dreams about. He loves me! And knows me so well.

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