Chris and Holly

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mount Willard Peak New Hampshire

How They Asked

Holly and I since the start of dating absolutely loved going on hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, so of course, that’s where the big question had to be asked. We started off the day like we always did to our trips to the mountains. We went to breakfast at Monroe’s in Twin Mountain, NH to make sure we had a full stomach for our big day ahead. I was so unsure of where to keep the box so I put it in the front pocket of my pants( which caused me to fret she would see the shape of the box the whole way up). We hiked up to my surprise without Holly having the slightest clue as to what was going to come on top.

I thoroughly enjoy photography as a hobby so once we reached the peak I immediately pretended like I was setting up my GoPro and camera for some cool scenic pics. As I did all this a group of women also reached the summit and were chatting away. I went over to Holly to ask her if we could take some pictures together with a cool background. She said yes and then I asked her “ hey do you know why we’re up here”. To which she immediately gasped as I fell to one knee. She started crying with joy finally gathering herself to be able to say YES. The whole group of women on the mountain started cheering. As we hiked down the mountain to go celebrate at the Mount Washington Hotel for drinks. Every hiker on the way up that walked past us seemed to know we had just got engaged. It was truly an amazing day.