Chris and Haylee

How We Met

Back in 2014, I started a new job as a receptionist at LA Fitness. I was new to the city, going to college and the only person I knew was my sister who lived about 35 minutes away in Baytown. I worked at LAF for a few weeks before I laid my eyes on the ever-so-handsome manager of mine, Chris. We were on different work schedules, so I never got to meet him until the one day I decided not to do my hair or makeup! I could tell from across the room that he was trying HARD not to keep looking up at me. He finally came over to introduce himself and we hit it off immediately.

At work, we had a list of contacts just in case someone ever needed to reach a manager. I wanted Chris’s number but didn’t know how weird it would be to ask him for it. So instead, I took his number from the list and we started texting and hanging out from there. Chris was the type of guy that I always dreamt of. He was kind, confident, caring, and when he looked at me, it was like I was the purpose he had been looking for all his life. Like all the beauty and peace in the world resided in my eyes. I have never had someone look at me the way Chris does.

Chris and I talked for a few months before he asked me to be his girlfriend at our favorite spot, Saruzzo’s Pizzeria. Immediately after starting our relationship, Chris and I knew we wanted to be with each other forever. Three months later, we moved into our first apartment and got our fur baby, Ladybug.

how they asked

December 2016, Chris and I took a weekend trip down to my parents house in Columbus. Chris got to meet my cousin Dave, see where I grew up and shoot his first gun! I was inside when all the guys were outside doing who knows what when Chris comes in grinning ear to ear. I immediately knew what had just happened… HE ASKED MY DAD FOR HIS BLESSING! And of course, he said YES!!!!

Marriage and family has always been a big topic for discussion between chris and I. He knew I had been planning my wedding since Pinterest debuted but Chris always led me to believe that he wasn’t ready for all that just yet. Little did I know he was lying because he purchased the ring a month after asking my dad for my hand! Everyone in my family, even my hairdresser knew he was going to ask me to marry him on my birthday during our first cruise in August. However, Hurricane Harvey had some different plans and we had to reschedule our cruise for October instead.

October comes around and we are all packed and ready to go! It was Halloween, our second day on vacation when Chris decided he wanted to go work out. That didn’t sit very well with me because we were on vacation and I wanted him to spend time with me and not the weights!! So, Chris and I went back to our room and I went outside on the balcony to cool off while Chris got ready to go to the gym. He then comes outside and starts trying to butter me up by telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever. I wasn’t wanting to give him any of my attention since the gym was getting all of his! Anyways, he tells me to stop being a princess and look at him in the eyes, so I did. Next thing I know, I hear the words “With that being said..” and Chris getting down on one knee while we are cruising in the middle of the Gulf. The stage was set perfectly, the sky was clear, the water was crystal blue and for that moment it felt like Chris and I were the only people in the world. I couldn’t believe what was happening, with tears rolling down my face, I said YES!