Danielle and Chris

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How we met

Well its not a crazy story, like a blind date,or I saw him a a party and sparks flew. I was working at chili’s, and one day all the girls at work were talking about the cute new transfers. Chris was one of those cute new transfers. We were actually good friends for a while we where part of a group of coworkers that hung out all the time, summer night bonfires, going to local concerts, just the typical 20 something hangouts. One day it hit me I liked him. I really liked him liked him.

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how they asked

I still get a smile when I think of how just perfect it was. We both wanted to go to San Francisco for a trip because what an amazing city San Francisco is, my birthday was coming up so we decided that we were going to take a trip there. What an incredible trip it was Chris had found a unique new hotel, The Hotel Zephyr, which is the coolest hotel I have stayed at, our room had floor to ceiling windows that over looked the bay and the pier, we would open the windows and listen to local musicians serenading on sidewalk. We walked to Ghirardelli square, dinned at a local Irish cafe, that had the best view and the best Irish coffees. Chris wanted to go Chrissy Field Park that over looked the bay and golden gate bridge. We bought a bottle of wine to take with us to enjoy the afternoon.. Man did he play it cool, he told be to bring my book we’ll be hanging out there for a few hours, just cool and calm. Meanwhile, he had asked his family to meet us there to be apart it. His brother and sister in law are wedding photographers that he had waiting at Chrissy Field to capture his proposal.

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We find a spot that we like, and as I try to lay out the blanket, he grabs the bottle of wine, gets down on one knee holds out my ring and asks me to be his wife. I broke down in tears of joy and happiness, and of course I said “Yes!” This was the best way he could have surprised me and it led to one of the best weekends we have had together.

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